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How to import correction tables from Excel file


I have received the CSV file and want to add it to the correction tables. How can I do this?


The EMC32 allows you to import tabular data (e.g. attenuation, transducer, amplifier gain, etc.) from files in ASCII format (columns separated with a character) or in MS Excel XLS format. The import function can only be used for new, empty tables. Proceed as follows:

- Create a new file of the required type (e.g. attenuation, transducer, amplifier gain, ...) via 'File' => 'Table' => 'New' or by right clicking the file type in the EMC32 explorer. The table editor will open with an empty table.

- In the main menu, select 'Table' => 'Import' and select the file to be imported.

- An import dialog opens to help you import the data (e.g. Excel file) to EMC32 (separation character is to be used, assignment to the columns in EMC32, etc.). Press 'Apply' to update the preview and 'OK' to fill the table from the import file.

- Save the imported values in the new table to add the table to the EMC32 explorer.

How to import correction tables from Excel file