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Initialize RF Generator, change start level for immunity testing using EMC32


I want to start a radiated immunity test with EMC32. On the RF Generator I can see the following operating states:

- With EMC32 I start the measurement by pressing the start button. The RF Generator is initialized with the start frequency and a level of -100dBm. The RF output is switched off.

- Now, the RF Generator output changes from off to on and EMC32 sets a new level on the Generator. In my case the RF Generator shows on the display a level of -30dBm, now.

- The system starts the leveling process and sets the Generator output level to a suitable value (in my case e.g., -44dBm).

By initially switching the RF on with a level of -30dBm, the corresponding field strength is also applied to the DUT. The problem is that the field strength which is needed for my Test is significantly lower. The result is that the DUT fails during the leveling because of the high field strength.

In EMC32, is there a way to set the start level to a lower value, in my case e.g. -60 dBm?


In EMC32, you can make some settings for the RF Generator from the "Device Setup", which can be found in the EMS Scan Template, e.g. the Generator settings for the modulation. However, the start level can not be set here.

You have to open the Amplifier Properties. Here you will find the "Level Start Value". In your case, you should change this parameter.

You can change this parameter from Hardware Setup or by clicking on the Amplifier in EMC32 Device List:

Initialize RF Generator, change start level for immunity testing using EMC32

When this parameter is activated, this parameter can be changed to any value in dBm and the EMS leveling algorithm will start with the Generator level defined here.

If it is not activated the leveling algorithm will calculate the generator start value using the amplifier noise level and the power meter noise level.

If you would like to have a start value of e.g. -60 dBm, you have to enter this value here.