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Legend in EMC32 Graphics


In the Graphics of a Test, is it possible to make the Legend is always on? So we don't need to insert it, every time the Test is finished?


Currently, if your Test is loaded, you open the context menu within the Graphic. This appears upon user interaction, with a right-click click. From context menu, you select "Properties" => "Legend".

The context menu gives you limited set of choices that are available in the current state.

To make the Legend always on, please open 'Extras' => 'Options' => 'Graphics' from the menu. From here, various settings can be predefined for all graphical elements,to be adjusted to your personal preferences, like linear or in logarithmic scaling, colors, trace styles and others. In the very left facet, you can activate "Legend On for Grid Chart" and "Legend On for Polar Chart".

Legend in EMC32 Graphics

As soon as activated, this setting will apply to all new Tests.