FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

More Battery Capacity Required


If more battery capacity for mobile operation is required, is there a solution?


If the normal capacity of the R&S®FSL-B31 NiMH battery pack (1300.6408.02) is not sufficient,

the Li-ion battery pack for the R&S®ETL can be used as an alternative.

Product designation: R&S®ETL-B235 10 Ah Li-ion battery pack with battery charger (2112.0262.02)

with a battery capacity of 10 Ah.

The Li-ion battery pack will be loaded in the R&S®FSL/ESL/ZVL as usual. Loading takes longer, however, due to the larger capacity.

To speed up loading of the battery pack, you can use the battery loader that is supplied with the R&S®ETL-B235.