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Self Alignment via remote control via TCP/IP => 'CAL?


I want to make the Self Alignment via remote control with the command 'CAL?'.

Because this takes sometimes a very long time how can I detect the end.

In the manual is mentioned to use a SRQ, but this does not work when I use a TCP/IP connection


Yes, the SRQ line is a hardware line with the IEEE bus and this does not work with normal TCP/IP. So we cannot use it.

Because the calibration command is a query ‘CAL?’ we cannot send an additional query like ‘*OPC?’.

But we can use the same function as the Service Request uses.

The SRQ is triggered by the MAV bit (Message Available) in the Status Byte. I can query the Status Byte with a VISA function till the MAV bit is set (value 16) and then read out the buffer.

Here a log where I have done this: