FAQs from Rohde & Schwarz

Transmission measurements without tracking generator


I want to perform a transmission measurement of my DUT using my U37xx analyzer, but

the U37xx is not equipped with a tracking generator. Is there any other way to make

the transmission measurement?


If the U37xx is equipped with option 74 or option 76, the instrument has a built-in

tracking generator with 50 ohm output.

If there is no tracking generator, you can use the Application Note 1MA09

that includes the FreRes software. Besides the already well-known Rohde & Schwarz

analyzers, receivers and power meters, you can use this program to measure the

frequency and/or level response of your DUT using a U37xx. U37xx can be

easily selected from the DEVICE menu of the FreRes software.

In the same menu, you can also select one of the Rohde & Schwarz generators

that you need for the transmission measurement.

FreRes will control the generator and the U37xx via one of the available remote control

interfaces. You can download the Application Note 1MA09 and the FreRes software from the

Application Notes area or you can get it from your local Rohde & Schwarz sales partner.