Multiple directions of arrival using CATR OTA measurements

This webinar presents a novel method using multiple compact antenna test range (CATR) reflectors to perform simultaneous multiple angle measurements for 5G devices that are capable of beamforming in the mmWave frequency range. Four CATR reflectors and their respective feed antennas are arranged on a planar semi-circle arc with the device under test placed on a positioner at the center of the arc. This arrangement is designed to generate four planar wavefronts with different incidences, realizing up to five pairs of angular spreads or four switched/simultaneous angles of arrival. The objective of this setup is to reproduce configurations involving multiple base stations radiating from different directions. The initial target application is radio resource management (RRM) testing, where the execution of mobility procedures and radio link monitoring of a 5G mmWave device are evaluated over the air.

In this webinar, you will learn more about:

  • Basics of compact antenna test range design
  • Basics of RRM testing for 5G FR2 conformance testing
  • New multiple-angle CATR system