CERTIUM NETWORK: Session border controller

Session border controller

As a part of the CERTIUM NETWORK portfolio, the unique R&S®ATC-SBC session border controller uses state-of-the-art technology to protect VoIP networks. Session border controllers (SBC) are commonly used as border elements between two security domains to provide protection in networks. Put simply, R&S®ATC-SBC securely connects two security domains, as it acts like two phones connected via an audio cable. The SBC supports the unique Rohde & Schwarz quad redundancy mode, where two pairs of R&S®ATC-SBC controllers back each other up with no distance limitation. Using dual homed, dual carrier access, the R&S®ATC-SBC automatically reroutes the calls in case of VCS or network failure. This new solution allows ANSPs to easily meet the very strict availability and security requirements for their ground-ground telephony.

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