R&S®NRP18S-20 High-power Three-path Diode Power Sensor

For USB operation

Base Unit
Accessories (cables, additional equipment, etc.)
  • R&S®NRP-ZKU Order No. 1419.0658.02
    USB interface cable, length: 0.75 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZKU Order No. 1419.0658.03
    USB interface cable, length: 1.5 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZKU Order No. 1419.0658.04
    USB interface cable, length: 3 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZKU Order No. 1419.0658.05
    USB interface cable, length: 5 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZK6 Order No. 1419.0664.02
    6-pole interface cable, length: 1.5 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZK6 Order No. 1419.0664.03
    6-pole interface cable, length: 3 m

  • R&S®NRP-ZK6 Order No. 1419.0664.04
    6-pole interface cable, length: 5 m

  • R&S®NRP-Z5 Order No. 1146.7740.02R&S®NRP-Z5 USB sensor hub
    USB sensor hub

    R&S®NRP-Z5 can host up to 4 R&S®NRPxxS(N), R&S®NRPxxT(N), R&S®NRPxxA(N) or R&S®NRP-Z sensors. A professional trigger solution allows simultaneous internal and external triggering of all connected sensors.

  • R&S®NRP-ZAP1 Order No. 1419.0829.00
    Power-over-Ethernet (PoE+) Switch

  • R&S®NRP-ACA Order No. 1419.0812.00
    Accredited calibration for R&S®NRX-B1, R&S®NRPxxS(N), R&S®NRPxxA(N), R&S®NRPxxT(N) and R&S®NRPxxTWG

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