R&S®Trusted Gate - Mail Control

Take full control of sharing data with external partners

R&S®Trusted Gate - Mail Control
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R&S®Trusted Gate - Mail Control
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Key facts

  • High security exchange email attachments
  • Allows any underlying infrastructure for secure email attachments
  • Easy to use for sender and recipient of emails
  • Directly integrated into Microsoft® Outlook via plug-in
  • Secure encryption & fragmentation of all email attachments

Easily prevent data loss via email attachments

Use the benefits of Microsoft® Outlook without losing data security and control

R&S®Trusted Gate – Mail Control secures email atttachements directly in Microsoft® Outlook. Attachments are extracted from the emails and replaced by links. The original files are stored encrypted and fragmented in a multi-layer storage system on-premises or in various clouds. Only authorized receivers can access the attachments by clicking the link.

Features & benefits

Ease of use

Easy workflow for securing email attachments

R&S®Trusted Gate – Mail Control is directly integrated into Microsoft® Outlook as an add-in. Before sending out the email, the user can decide whether to protect the attachment via Mail Control or send it without replacing the attachment by a link. If selecting the first option, the recipient will receive the email without any attachments, but with links for each attachment to download.

User-friendly interface for receiver

Easy email attachment access for authorized receiver

After clicking the link in the email the receiver has to authorize himself with R&S®Trusted Gate credentials. R&S®Trusted Gate supports all major IAM systems but you can also use the R&S®Trusted Gate IAM. After the login the receiver access the documents in a modern interface. He can access all the files depending on the rights granted by the sender. The receiver can search inside encrypted files for file names, keywords and full text directly from within R&S®Trusted Gate user interface.

High security for sharing data

Compliance with data regulations

R&S®Trusted Gate – Mail Control provides high security for the confidential email attachments. The attached files get encrypted, fragmented and then stored in a multi-layer storage system on-premises or in various clouds. Due to fragmentation into small chunks, confidential data cannot be compromised even by complex cryptographic attacks. The chunks can be stored and distributed via a configurable software-defined storage module (SDS).

Flexible and scalable deployment options

Modern software infrastructure with microservices

The software infrastructure of this solution is based on microservices which allows great flexibility of deployment. R&S®Trusted Gate can run its services in containers with an orchestration system like Kubernetes or can be deployed as a single server app. This provides a higher grade of control, scalability and elasticity. In hybrid environments, critical core services like the key service or the admin service can be deployed on-premises, CPU intensive operations like encryption in the cloud.

Confidentiality and integrity

High security encryption

R&S®Trusted Gate - Mail Control encrypts documents using Block Cipher Mode (GCM). This ensures confidentiality and integrity. The symmetric document-centric keys (AES 256) are additionally encrypted with asymmetric keys (RSA or elliptic curves). Access rights can be assigned with high granularity for groups and individual users.

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