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Broadcast network operators face challenges in recruiting skilled engineers to maintain, monitor and optimize their transmitter systems. To tackle this ease-of-use challenge, the new R&S®TE1 liquid-cooled transmitter is more intuitive and is equipped with an intelligent control system. It provides a degree of self-monitoring which includes simple and direct error and fault reporting.

The connectivity built into the new R&S®TE1 transmitter is designed to provide remote access to all the technical and operational parameters on demand, providing a complete solution. It allows broadcasters to outsource support and maintenance to a dedicated, expert service: Remote Transmitter Monitoring (RMTX). Discover the new RMTX service and support from Rohde & Schwarz and learn how it can help you avoid downtime and transform your broadcast network operations.

Reliable support from experts – anytime and anywhere

The RMTX offering translates to more flexibility in operation and ensures that expert support specialists from Rohde & Schwarz can securely monitor the transmitter in any case. Broadcasters do not have to face the cost and management time of identifying qualified RF engineers in an emergency. Rather, specialists from our service and support team can diagnose the issue remotely and deliver instructions to on-site non-specialist engineers from the broadcast network operator’s team. The RMTX service allows issues to be rectified in real-time, remote technical support to be applied instantly, spare parts can rapidly be shipped, and routine preventative maintenance can be scheduled most efficiently.

How RMTX works

All the telemetry data of transmitters under the RMTX service is sent, via a secure link, to the R&S Monitoring Platform. Here it is automatically interpreted and prioritized, with alerts sent to engineers on the team when matters need attention. The intelligence in the system determines how urgent a matter is, ensuring that mission critical problems are addressed 24/7.

Engineers on-call are alerted instantly to serious issues so they can log into the Monitoring Platform and identify the problem. The RMTX specialists contact and then guide the broadcaster’s (non-RF expert) personnel through initial actions to protect the transmitter infrastructure and maintain service wherever possible. The link between RMTX and the broadcast transmitter is two-way, so changes can be made remotely and immediately.

In the same process they will identify if other measures are required to resolve the issue, e.g. spare parts are arranged for their express shipment to the station. If it is an issue that will need a specialist engineer on location with the transmitter, the RMTX team can make the necessary arrangements for someone to visit the site. Defined response times depending on the severity of an incident form part of a service level agreement (SLA) including the RMTX service.

As well as rapid response for serious issues, RMTX also provides continuous monitoring of all connected transmitters, allowing it to detect potential problems early, take timely countermeasures and schedule preventative maintenance when it is most convenient for the broadcaster. This also eliminates the need for broadcast engineers to analyze logbooks for each transmitter, as the full data set is available on the R&S Monitoring Platform.

Secure support

An RMTX service can support any number of transmitters: ranging from one single transmitter or a redundant pair at a small station, to hundreds in the network of a major group.

In any case, the data from the transmitters is transferred by the Rohde & Schwarz LANCOM secure application gateway SAG360-FW. It provides a single point of communication with the R&S Monitoring Platform and provides a holistic security solution.

The secure application gateway can be monitored and managed by the broadcaster to meet its respectable IT security policies. Operators of multi-site installations can set their own network topologies to provide the operational security and resilience they need.

Messages from the secure application gateway to the R&S Monitoring Platform use high performance protocols, designed for communication over the public internet, optimized for IoT systems, which provide security for data in transit.

Knowledge Base

While RMTX is primarily designed to provide rapid response for North American broadcasters, there are other important benefits in monitoring all parameters across a large population of transmitters.

Through anonymized data, it is possible to identify trends in real life scenarios, which in turn may benefit everyone. For example, this could mean identifying an optimal operating temperature at which the transmitter runs most efficiently.

The same anonymized data could also be used to influence further research and development on transmitters. Whether that is identifying small issues which could be improved in software releases through better circuit design, to forming the background to future major transmitter developments. Strict security protocols throughout the RMTX service protect the broadcaster’s data.

Claudia Görig

Remote Transmitter Monitoring

Our transmitter solutions deliver functionality, reliability and quality; by adding RMTX to the SLA, it maximizes risk mitigation for the operator, and it provides an affordable and predictable cost of ownership over a typical lifetime of 10 years or more.

Claudia Goerig, Service Product Manager for Broadcast and Amplifier Systems at Rohde & Schwarz

Stay on-air 24/7 with Remote Transmitter Monitoring

RMTX is a professional, secure, reliable partner for valuable services in the broadcast transmission market. Its purpose is to reduce and share risk, eliminating any perceived risk of damage to high value investments. It will deliver increased uptime, guidance with troubleshooting, and efficient scheduling of routine maintenance.

All data communications are secured and guaranteed, and all commercially confidential information is kept secure.

The service is provided directly by Rohde & Schwarz, from its support organization in North America. For broadcasters, this means reliable support from real people with expert knowledge.

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