Power electronics testing

Power electronics testing

Test and measurement solutions for power electronics design

The demand for energy and power is rising. Among the causes are the rapid growth in renewables, electrification of transportation and industrial automation as well as the increasing storage, transmission and availability of data. Consequently, power electronics have become a key differentiator in electronic systems and services.

Engineers working in the fields of embedded power, power conversion and motor drive electronics often face contradictory design challenges. These include reliability and power efficiency, reduced size and weight, as well as compliance related matters. Rohde & Schwarz offers test and measurement solutions that will help you overcome these challenges meet your design goals and be faster to the market.

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Power electronics design and testing poster

Poster: Power electronics design and testing

Get with this poster a guidance about usual converter types, most important measurements and general requirements for power electronics design and testing.

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Solutions for power electronics testing

Switching analysis

Increasing switching frequency helps maximize a power converter’s efficiency and performance. It can also cause undesired outcomes such as shoot-through and excessive EMI. Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes, power probes and analysis software help electronic designers to address these issues to improve switching performance and characterize and optimize their designs.

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EMI debugging and analysis

EMI is a key consideration in power electronics, becoming even more important as switching speeds are increasing. Addressing EMI early in the development cycle is therefore essential to avoid costly redesigns. Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes feature powerful spectrum analysis capabilities, allowing to address EMI challenges already in the R&D phase.

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Control loop analysis

At the core of each power converter or inverter, a control loop ensures that the output voltage stays stable. Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes offer dedicated analysis functions to analyze the behaviour of the control loop.

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Design verification

Verifying the behavior and performance of a power converter during design can be challenging. There are several requirements to be met, including customer specifications and relevant standards. Rohde & Schwarz provides you with a wide selection of high-quality products and solutions designed to help you carry out your design and production test of power converters with confidence.

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Power integrity testing

Stable and clean power rail signals ensure the reliable performance of electronic devices. With increasingly small voltages and decreasing tolerances, measuring power rails accurately is difficult. Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes fully support these tasks with accessories and analysis functions.

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Power efficiency testing

Designing power converters requires balancing different goals such as compliance to standards as well as efficiency. This applies to high power levels, but also to embedded, battery-operated designs, necessitating a great deal of testing. Rohde & Schwarz offers a wide portfolio of solutions to help you overcome these challenges.

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