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Compensation type symbols in main display of the LCX LCR Meter



Compensation type symbols in the main display of the LCX LCR Meter. I am working with the LCX200 and sometimes I see the compensation type symbol O / S / L being displayed in blue rectangle with asterisk

What does it mean? Have I done something wrong with open/short compensation?



In the status bar there are three different possible symbols available for the current compensation state of each Open / Short / Load:

  • Dark grey means, that there is no compensation used
  • The white symbol is shown, when a compensation over the complete frequency range has been performed and activated
  • A blue sign with a dot / spot (not an asterisk) stands for a spot correction. It is only valid for the current working frequency and will turn into grey (no compensation used) as soon as another frequency has been set.

To make this more clear, here are some examples:

After Factory Reset all compensation is disabled (standard after Preset).


Full O/ S compensation performed, O/S compensation is automatically enabled.


Full compensation performed for Open, Short is only Spot compensated, both are automatically enabled.


Only Open spot compensation performed, Open compensation is automatically enabled.