Automotive Ethernet and next-gen in-vehicle networks

Presented by Dr. Nik Dimitrakopoulos and Mike Schnecker, Rohde & Schwarz

Automotive Ethernet is expected to become the de-facto communication for in-vehicle networks. With the introduction of 2.5/5/10GBASE-T1 speed grades, more and more applications are becoming available to us to enhance user experiences through infotainment and autonomous driving.

During this webinar, we will review examples of these advancements including radar sensors and 5G telematic units using automotive Ethernet as the communication link. In addition, we will explain how the in-vehicle networks will evolve over the next 10 years, with new platform developments, that include concepts like domain and zonal controller architecture. We will also discuss testing challenges that may arise with these new architectures.

Finally, we will touch upon other high-speed digital communication links such as SerDes generation 2020 that will enable the integration of camera sensors and monitors for ADAS & Infotainment related applications.