R&S®RTB2000 User Manual

The User Manual provides a complete and detailed description of the R&S RTB2000 functionality and usage:

- Operating Basics

- Waveform setup

- Triggers

- Display and general instrument setup

- Measurements, mathematics, reference waveforms, FFT

- Search

- Zoom and XY-diagram

- Mask testing, digital voltmeter, trigger counter

- Remote commands reference and basics of remote control

- History (option R&S RTB-K15)

- Frequency response analysis (Bode plot, option R&S RTB-K36)

- Serial protocol analysis of SPI, I²C, UART, CAN and LIN buses (options R&S RTB-K1, -K2, -K3)

- Logic analyzer (option R&S RTB-B1)

- Signal generation (option R&S RTB-B6)

The online version is meant for immediate display (no download required).

For specifications, refer to the data sheet.

This download is available in the following languages:

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