R&S®THV9evo liquid-cooled VHF transmitter family

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R&S®THV9evo liquid-cooled VHF transmitter
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R&S®THV9evo liquid-cooled VHF transmitter R&S®THV9evo R&S®THV9evo R&S®THV9evo R&S®THV9evo

Key facts

  • Maximum efficiency through many years of Doherty experience
  • Adaptive efficiency optimization for minimized energy costs
  • Built on the strengths of the established R&S®THU9/R&S®THV9 platform
  • Convenient operation with ensured service quality
  • Future-ready ATSC 3.0 support
  • Efficiency to the Power of Five

Minimizing your operating costs is our passion

The R&S®THV9evo VHF high-power transmitter family heralds the next step towards minimizing operating costs for terrestrial broadcasting.
Its overall energy efficiency values of up to 46 % for COFDM and 50 % for ATSC represent all-time highs. The R&S®THV9evo carries forward all the proven strengths of the R&S®THU9/R&S®THV9 platform. Network operators benefit from low operating costs throughout the product lifecycle.

Features & benefits

Energy cost savings of Rohde & Schwarz multiband Doherty technology

Maximum energy cost savings

R&S®THV9evo transmitters achieve an energy efficiency of up to 50 % (including the cooling system), once again setting the benchmark in their class. Years of experience and continual development have given Rohde & Schwarz complete mastery over Doherty technology, which the company has been able to utilize to the greatest advantage.

Rohde & Schwarz transmitters have a minimized footprint

Minimal footprint

R&S®THV9evo transmitter systems offer maximum power density and can accommodate multiple transmitters in a single rack. This significantly reduces the footprint of the Rohde & Schwarz solution compared with conventional transmitters, allowing operators to substantially reduce the space required and site rental costs.

Rohde & Schwarz high-power transmitters deliver highest reliability worldwide

Field proven reliability

Thousands of R&S®THU9/R&S®THV9 transmitters are in operation worldwide. Every day, they prove that they deliver the highest reliability. This exceptional success clearly demonstrates how the Rohde & Schwarz high-power transmitter platform meets the needs of network operators, both in term of minimal operation costs and maximum availability.

Rohde & Schwarz transmitters offer pure liquid cooling

Pure liquid cooling

The R&S®THV9evo amplifiers' power supplies and first-stage combiners are liquid cooled. This maximizes lifetime and reliability. It minimizes the amount of heat dissipated into the operating room and reduces air-conditioning costs.

Be prepared for channel clearance with efficiency optimization from Rohde & Schwarz

Adaptive efficiency optimization

Intelligent efficiency optimization maximizes efficiency in changing environments, either at the press of a button or adaptively. When changing channels or adjusting the transmitter power, efficiency optimization ensures that energy costs are minimized at all times.

Highly integrated RF combiners made by Rohde & Schwarz

Compact, low loss RF combiner structure

In contrast to conventional couplers, the R&S®THV9evo low-loss power combiner is directly plugged into the amplifiers and comes with integrated coolant distribution. Fewer RF interconnections and the elimination of interconnecting cooling hoses maximizes efficiency and reliability.

Future-proof exciter technology from Rohde & Schwarz

Future-proof exciter technology for ATSC 3.0

The Rohde & Schwarz exciter solution relies on a purely software-based approach that optimally prepares network operators for ATSC 3.0. Based on a high-performance IT server, it enables network operator to optimally leverage the full capabilities of the standard and to flexibly respond to future signal processing requirements.

Monitoring signal quality with integrated signal analysis

Integrated signal analysis

The integrated signal analysis feature offers instant feedback on signal quality through self-monitoring. This ensures a unique quality of service.

Available models

Available models

  • Product Name

    1 Rack

    Number of amplifiers per transmitter
    Output power (AVG)
    1.3 - 15 kW
    Dimensions (H × W × D)
    2000 mm × 600 mm × 1100 mm
    Number of transmitters per rack with MultiTX configurations
  • Product Name

    2 Racks

    Number of amplifiers per transmitter
    Output power (AVG)
    20,0 - 30,0 kW
    Dimensions (H × W × D)
    2000 mm × 1200 mm × 1100 mm
    Number of transmitters per rack with MultiTX configurations

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