Broadband amplifier

Solid-state, highly rugged and efficient RF power amplifiers from 9 kHz up to 6 GHz, with power classes up to 10 kW.

Our modular, optimally scalable and configurable broadband amplifiers are ideal for diverse applications in EMC environments, communications, research and physical engineering.

User-friendly interfaces (even via web browser) allow efficient operation, and various remote control interfaces make it possible to integrate the amplifiers into automated environments and systems. Extension units accommodate additional amplifier units, featuring higher power and/or multiple frequency bands.

The amplifiers provide maximum investment protection and are ready for the future.

Broadband Amplifier

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EMS Poster

The ideal reference guide for your EMS test setup is now being offered COMPLIMENTARY. It includes:

• Power calculation to get the required field strength over frequency at the EUT

• Return loss calculations

• Power Sensor selection

• Antenna selection

Only available in the US & Canada.

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