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Secure naval communications

R&S Marinesysteme GmbH offers communications management systems for naval vessels in worldwide deployment.

The success of a naval mission essentially depends on the reliability and integrity of communications over wide-area links, both in the network and on the individual platforms. A key consideration here is that connections must be encrypted and established only when necessary. At the same time, transmissions must be immune to interference and only accessible to authorized recipients.

With its systems and software products, R&S Marinesysteme GmbH creates the technical conditions necessary for secure communications. The basis for this is the communications management system. It controls and monitors all connected communications devices and facilitates the planning and management of radio circuits, transmit and receive frequencies, control and prioritization of message flow, and monitoring of the entire information transmission system. The solutions from R&S Marinesysteme GmbH fulfill IT security requirements with regard to implementation of group policies, password strength, virus protection, network monitoring and patch management. All applications run uninterrupted on high-availability and space-saving server clusters. The high level of automation, including electronic workflows, additionally makes it possible to considerably reduce the number of onboard crew members with radio duties.

The products and systems supplied by R&S Marinesysteme GmbH conform to commercial IT standards and thus offer logistical advantages with regard to spare parts supply and costs. They can be configured for diverse platforms and requirements.

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