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You are new to R&S®ELEKTRA and want an easy and guided start into our new EMC Software? For this issue, you can find different videos on how to organize and setup R&S®ELEKTRA as well as a detailed overview of its major features and how to take advantage from them.EMC testing can feel like an intricate jungle of challenges and regulations. But with R&S Elektra, you have a reliable guide that leads the way, ensuring you never feel lost

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We have three chapters of videos for you prepared:


How to get started with R&S®ELEKTRA: Overview


What is ELEKTRA, what is it used for and how does it work in general?

Installing or upgrading R&S®ELEKTRA

Installing or upgrading

Information regarding system requirements, the installation and upgrading process.

Managing R&S®ELEKTRA licenses

Managing licenses

Explanation of what is needed for the magaging process and how it is implemented.


GUI tour

A quick tour around the graphical instruments of the software.

Explanation of this principle and how it is implemented in the test process of R&S®ELEKTRA.

4 layers principle

Explanation of this principle and how it is implemented in the test process of R&S®ELEKTRA.



This video will introduce how to setup EUTs (equipment under test).

R&S®ELEKTRA report templates

Report templates

Introduction of report templates which can be used to make a final report.

Backing up an R&S®ELEKTRA database

Backing up a database

This video covers how to backup an R&S®ELEKTRA database.

Importing and exporting the R&S®ELEKTRA database

Importing and exporting the database

Description on how to import or export a database.

R&S®ELEKTRA top 5 tips & tricks

Top 5 tips & tricks

Five tips & tricks to maximize the effectiveness of using R&S®ELEKTRA.

Automotive measurements with R&S®ELEKTRA

Automotive Measurements with ELEKTRA

In this webinar you will learn how to perform tests according to automotive standards.

EMI tests

Launching R&S®ELEKTRA

Launching R&S®ELEKTRA

How to launch the R&S®ELEKTRA software and using the configuration wizard to load preconsidered test information and setups.

R&S®ELEKTRA connecting devices

Connecting devices

Overview on how to connect devices to R&S®ELEKTRA within the device list.

R&S®ELEKTRA defining and applying factors

Defining and applying factors

Overview of how to define and apply frequency lists, attenuation factors, transducer factors and limit lines.

R&S®ELEKTRA hardware setup

Hardware setup

Overview of how to configure the hardware setup.

R&S®ELEKTRA creating a test template

Creating a test template

Overview of how to create and configure a test template.

R&S®ELEKTRA executing a test

Executing a test

Overview of how to execute a test in R&S®ELEKTRA.

R&S®ELEKTRA automated vs. interactive mode

Automated vs. interactive mode

Explanation of the difference of automated and interactive mode in R&S®ELEKTRA.

R&S®ELEKTRA saving and recalling results

Saving and recalling results

How to save and recover test results in R&S®ELEKTRA.

R&S®ELEKTRA creating a report

Creating a report

How to create a report in R&S®ELEKTRA.

EMS tests

R&S®ELEKTRA field uniformity

Field uniformity

Description on how to perform a field uniformity measurement.

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