R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder

R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder
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R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder
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R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder
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R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder
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R&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder, Front viewR&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder, Front viewR&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder, Side viewR&S®DDF550 Wideband direction finder, Back view

Key Facts

  • High DF accuracy, sensitivity and immunity to reflections
  • High DF scan speed due to outstanding 80 MHz realtime bandwidth (V/U/SHF)
  • Easy integration into mobile platforms 
  • DF antennas with integrated, extendible lightning protection
  • Direction finding of signals in the frequency range up to 6 GHz

Fast and precise direction finding

The fast R&S®DDF550 wideband direction finder offers outstanding realtime bandwidth and DF scan speed as well as high DF accuracy, sensitivity and immunity to reflections.

Caractéristiques & avantages

High DF scan speed

Direction finding of short-duration signals

  • High probability of interception
  • High DF scan speed due to outstanding 80 MHz realtime bandwidth
  • Direction finding of short-duration and frequency agile signals with high probability of intercept
  • Enhanced measurement speed (option)

Reliable DF results

Even in challenging environments

  • Higher immunity to reflections due to DF antennas with a very large number of antenna elements (VHF/UHF/SHF)
  • Stable bearings in VHF/UHF/SHF range even with a 50 % share of reflections

Precise direction finding and accurate location

Even for weak and short-duration signals

  • High DF sensitivity due to large number of antenna elements
  • Adjustable coherent signal integration in wideband DF and DF scan mode for enhanced DF sensitivity
  • GPS based synchronization of multiple R&S®DDF550 (time-synchronized DF scan mode)
  • Optional preclassifier detects LPI signals and summarizes individual results into a condensed result

Innovative DF antennas

  • Active/passive switchover with just a mouse click
  • Exceptionally high DF sensitivity
  • Integrated, extendible lightning protection
  • Easy replacement of DF antennas

Powerful receive path

for signal measurement

  • Special and exceptionally powerful receive path
  • Improved analog architecture of the receive path
  • Especially powerful analog/digital converters
  • Considerable advantages in the case of weak signals and dense signal scenarios

Powerful hardware

developed by Rohde & Schwarz

  • In-house development and manufacture of all DF system components, including the DF antenna
  • Signal processing at maximum speed based on powerful FPGAs
  • Use of powerful Rohde & Schwarz ASICs
  • High immunity to strong signals thanks to sophisticated preselection

Effective measurements

In line with ITU recommendations

  • R&S®DDF550 fulfills all ITU recommendations for  direction finders and receivers.
  • Option for comprehensive, ITU-compliant measurement methods including, for example: Frequency and frequency offset, field strength, modulation, spectrum occupancy and bandwidth

Multichannel signal processing

  • Multichannel signal detection and analysis in a networked system
  • Parallel multichannel output of more than 100 channels
  • Multichannel digital downconversion (DDC) signal extraction from the R&S®DDF550 realtime bandwidth with R&S®DDF550DDCE and R&S®CA120FFP
  • Automatic detection of fixed frequency and burst signals with R&S®DDF550-HRP and R&S®CA120DSC
  • Automatic detection of frequency agile short-time signals with R&S®DDF550-ST

Available models

Available models
Power supply


Numéro de commande 4074.2002.08

Power supply


Numéro de commande 4074.2002.18

Power supply

Available options

Hardware options

Numéro de commande 4074.1006.02


HF frequency range extension

Extension of frequency range to 8 kHz for monitoring 


Numéro de commande 4074.1429.02


HF frequency range extension

Extension of frequency range to 300 kHz for direction finding


Numéro de commande 4079.8209.05


Internal GNSS module

Integrated GNSS module incl. GPS, Glonass, BeiDou for positioning and accurate timestamps


Numéro de commande 4074.1106.02


Signal processing board

Integrated signal processing board for parallel multichannel signal detection and analysis

Software options

Numéro de commande 4074.0900.02


Time-synchronous scanning

Time synchronisation for triangulation networks


Numéro de commande 4074.0800.02


ITU measurements

Signal measurements in line with ITU recommendations


Numéro de commande 4074.0951.02


DF error correction

Support of look-up table DF error correction; calibration service not included


Numéro de commande 4074.0700.02


DDC signal extraction

Parallel multichannel DDC output of up to 128 channels


Numéro de commande 4074.0745.02


High-resolution panorama spectrum

High-resolution spectrum calculation for detection of fixed frequency signals


Numéro de commande 4074.0722.02


Detection of short-time signals 

Automatic detection of short-time signals within the real-time bandwidth based on selected criteria

Direction finding antennas

Numéro de commande 4099.2006.05


HF DF antenna

300 kHz to 30 MHz; horizontal, vertical and circular polarization; portable; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4078.0004.02


Super-resolution HF DF antenna

300 kHz to 30 MHz; horizontal, vertical and circular polarization; stationary and transportable; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4200.7002.04


Centric mast HF DF antenna

1 MHz to 30 MHz; vertical polarization; shipborne; active antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4071.7003.12


Super-resolution VHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 450 MHz; vertical polarization; stationary; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4098.4005.02


Super-resolution UHF/SHF DF antenna

1.3 GHz to 6 GHz; vertical polarization; mobile and stationary; passive antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4053.6509.02


Mobile HF DF antenna

300 kHz to 30 MHz; vertical polarization; for installation on a vehicle roof or tripod

Numéro de commande 4071.6007.12


Super-resolution VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 1.3 GHz; vertical polarization; mobile and stationary; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4069.4800.22


Dual-polarized VHF/UHF DF antenna

20 MHz to 1.3 GHz; vertical and horizontal polarization; mobile and stationary; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4068.3000.02


Compact LF UHF DF antenna

300 kHz to 3 GHz; vertical polarization; shipborne; active or passive antenna elements depending on frequency range

Numéro de commande 4071.4004.12


VHF/UHF Wideband DF antenna

20 MHz to 3 GHz; vertical polarization; mobile and stationary; switchable antenna elements

Numéro de commande 4111.8004.02


Super-resolution VHF/UHF/SHF wideband DF and monitoring antenna

20 MHz - 6 GHz, vertical and horizontal polarization, mobile and stationary, switchable antenna elements


Numéro de commande 4060.0454.02


Service kit

Simulation of the digital interface of DF antennas for error analysis

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