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We at Rohde & Schwarz are very proud to be helping to shape the future of communications, information and security. Learn more about the industry-leading technological expertise of Rohde & Schwarz in our R&S Stories.

The connected car is coming

The connected car ist coming

At first, mainly in Chinese megacities. But parallel to the introduction of 5G mobile communications, the C-V2X standard for car networking derived from it will soon establish itself in Europe and the US too.

ICARUS flies

The ISS based project for researching the migration behavior of a variety of animal species has commenced operations. Radio technology from Rohde & Schwarz is used for data transfer.

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Please do not disturb

The interference-free coexistence of numerous electrical and radio products cannot be taken for granted. Only targeted measures for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) can ensure that cardiac pacemakers are not disrupted and aircrafts carry passengers safely to their destinations.

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Rethinking cloud computing

The home office is experiencing a boom. But exchanging data can sometimes be insecure and, at the same time, subject to considerable legal restrictions. Solutions such as R&S®Trusted Gate offer both data security and legal compliance.

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Hello Africa!

Thanks to mobile communications, more and more Africans have access to people, markets and information, even in remote regions of the continent. Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing equipment and services are being used to improve network performance and quality in 21 African countries.

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Tackling the challenges of school digitalization

Solutions from the German network specialist LANCOM Systems make virtual classrooms a secure space.

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Oscilloscopes: all-round tools for the path from vision to product

Whether for wireless communications, the automotive industry, renewable energy or smart homes, oscilloscopes are part of the picture wherever electronic equipment is developed. They are also essential for future technologies such as 5G, autonomous driving and IoT applications. The Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscope product families have been setting innovative trends for ten years now.

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Future mobility: the cable cars of La Paz

In La Paz, Bolivia, you fly to work. Wi-Fi components from LANCOM Systems ensure maximum safety and security in the world's longest urban cable car network.

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Gateway to a new world

R&S®SpycerNode is the ideal accompaniment for the renowned New World Symphony’s digital storage needs

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5G – more than just fast mobile communications

Find out, how T&M solutions from Rohde & Schwarz enable the world of tomorrow.

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Eagle-eyed cars

What role do measurement solutions from Rohde & Schwarz play in the vision of automated driving?

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When drones are misused

Drones have become an integral part of our lives. But when misused, they can cause damage in the millions.This has driven up the demand for highly effective and reliable drone defense systems such as R&S®ARDRONIS.

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Rohde & Schwarz at sea

Free and secure maritime trade routes are indispensable for supplying goods to the world's population. Protecting these routes is one of the key tasks of navies worldwide. Communications and reconnaissance solutions from Rohde & Schwarz help make this possible.

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Safe flying with Rohde & Schwarz? Definitely!

It is often said that the most dangerous thing about flying is the drive to the airport. In global air traffic, the underlying processes and technologies intermesh perfectly to make flying the world's safest means of transport. Here, solutions from Rohde & Schwarz set standards.

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Rohde & Schwarz paves the way for smart cities

Smart cities think ahead, improving our quality of life and making us safer. Rohde & Schwarz provides technologies that will soon allow this vision to become reality.

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Technology in action

Internet of animals goes into operation

ICARUS, the ambitious project for large-scale animal observation based on the International Space Station (ISS), has completed its test phase with flying colors, allowing initial projects to begin.

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Call of the North

Shortwave technology from Rohde & Schwarz ensures reliable radio contact even in high latitude areas of the Arctic. How? Find out!

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Browsing at public authorities fully encapsulated

Find out, how public authorities and municipalities are using R&S®Browser in the Box for protection against professional cybercriminals.

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Three generations in the ice

For decades now, shortwave technology from Rohde & Schwarz has ensured communications between the Italian Antarctic research stations and their homes.

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Help is on the way

In the EU, the automotive emergency call service eCall has been mandatory in all new car models since April 2018. But it already has a successor.

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Mobile TV reloaded

The 5G rollout will bring new life to an old idea: enabling television viewing on mobile devices. The transmission technology is now ready for deployment.

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How to test a mobile network?

To get the most out of the investments you have made in mobile network testing solutions, it helps to better understand today’s mobile network structure. Different tests and procedures apply when you want to understand either the performance of the network itself or the performance of over-the-top (OTT) applications running in the network.

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How to test a 4x4 MIMO network?

Operators are counting on the LTE feature 4x4 MIMO to meet the incessant need for more capacity that subscribers demand because they are jamming networks with data traffic. With the increasing commercial availability of 4x4 MIMO capable smartphones, operators can now exploit the higher spectral efficiency and capacity of this antenna technology.

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How to test a 5G NR network?

With 5G NR network rollout clearly on the horizon, network operators worldwide are planning pre-commercial network trials in 2018 and 2019. New frequency bands, beamforming support and a wide flexibility of physical radio parameters in 5G NR increase the complexity and strengthen the need for accurate network coverage measurements to enable and verify correct 5G NR network planning and the rollout of base stations.

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How to test a NB-IoT / LTE-M network?

Are narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) and LTE-M just standard add-on to LTE? Not when you look at it from an optimization point of view. When it comes to optimization, networks for IoT applications pose a completely new coverage challenge and good network coverage is essential. Unlike humans, IoT installations, for example in basements, cannot change position to get a better signal.

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How to test mobile voice quality?

Voice is still a very important service for end users. In addition to new competition from OTT voice services, the emergence of new voice codecs and complex network technology make measuring end-user voice quality more challenging. As co-inventor of POLQA, the standard for measuring listening quality, Rohde & Schwarz Mobile Network Testing offers the best voice quality test solution.

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How to test mobile video quality?

More than 60 per cent of the traffic in mobile networks comes from video streaming services – video on demand and live video. And the most popular video services today are over-the-top (OTT) services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc. To accurately test and measure the quality of experience (QoE) of these third-party applications, you need adequate test setups for those specific use cases.

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