Career meet up

Mühldorfstr. 20
81671 München


Rohde & Schwarz Showroom

MUC++ meetup

We have the great pleasure to welcome Nicolai Josuttis at Rohde & Schwarz. Nicolai is well known in the programming community because he not only speaks and writes with authority (being the (co-)author of the world-wide best sellers The C++ Standard Library, C++ Templates and C++17 - The Complete Guide), but is also an innovative presenter, having talked at various conferences and events.

This will await you at the meet-up: C++17 is a remarkable collection of many features both in the core language and the library. But the real power comes by using them together. And after 2 years of experience, the community knows enough to give good examples and advice.

This talk will show some code examples combining various C++17 features. From this, you will get an idea of how powerful C++17 really is.

18:30: Open doors und get-together with catering
19:00: Official welcome by Rohde & Schwarz
19:10: Lightning talk
~19:30: "Combining C++17 Features in Practice" (Nicolai Josuttis)
~20:45: Open discussions