1GA66: Spectral and Time-Domain Analysis of Recorded Wave Files on the Audio Analyzer R&S® UPV

The instrument setup provided in this application note allows to analyze a degraded speech signal stored into a wave file and to display its FFT spectrum and waveform.


1 Background

2 Preparations

2.1 Loading the Setup

2.2 Choosing the Interface for Connection between Generator and Analyzer

2.3 Loading the Wave File of the Degraded Signal

2.4 Setting the FFT Resolution and Analysis Length

2.5 Using the UPV Monitor

3 Analysis

3.1 Starting the Analysis

3.2 Display of Results

3.2.1 FFT Spectrum

3.2.2 Waveform

4 Literature

5 Ordering Information

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1GA66_0e.pdf Application Note English 05.09.2014 478 kB
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