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EMC32, Slidebar minimum position and maximum position


Diffent from the defaults, I would like to perform a disturbance Power test from eg. 300 to 500cm. In EMI Auto Test, I did the settings Preview accordingly, start to 300 cm and stop to 500 cm.


Same was done for Maximization:


Unfortunately, in Adjustment there is no possibility to set the limits. With these settings the clamp does not take into account to minimum limit of 300cm set in Preview and Maximization and will drive between 0 and 500cm along the slide bar during the Adjustment after the Maximization. How can I solve this?


If you want globally reduce the range of the slide bar, please use the settings available in EMC32 Device List.


With current versions of EMC32, you have a value range as follows:

Minimum: 0 - 1000 cm

Maximum 1 - 1500 cm

If you do it this way, EMC32 does also take account the limit for the Adjustments.