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Graphic of your settings in the WINIQSIM2 to generate your signal


How to see the graphic of a modulated signal to be downloaded to the signal generator SMBV100A, SMBV1000B, SMW200 with the WINIQSIM2.


To create a signal for the I/Q generators SMBV100A, SMBV100B, SMW please use the WINIQSIM2. The software is located at

Within the base band block a signal can be generated. Set the block to on.

Baseband on

With the graphic button 3 graphs can be selected at the same time.

Graphic buttons 3 graphs

The position of the small pictures will indicate the position of the samples taken into account for the bigger graphs.

Position of samples

Each graph can be configured individually by clicking on the graph to be changed. Here, the 'Graphic2' was opened - the source was changed to AWGN.

Graphic source AWGN

So the position of the little pictogram is relocated to allow the maximum flexibility to display the right values.

Relocated pictrogram