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HMP Series Multiple connection via TCP/IP


Is it possible to have multiple access to the HMP series PSUs via TCP/IP?
I want to control the device from two different applications and keep the connections open all the time.


We do not support multiple access. Also if it would work, it can lead to unwanted effects.
When using VISA the second connection will be refused.
Especially when using raw socket (the only option available on the HMP) the message exchange protocol is not supported - so it is often not clear which response is intended for which requestor.
Theoretically there would be a locking function - but it cannot be used with socket connections either.

One possible solution would be for the applications to know via a token when the device can be accessed. The access should then run in such a way that the token is set first, then the connection is opened, closed again after the desired control commands / queries and the token is finally released again.