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RTO/RTP-K11 I/Q software interface - sample script for configuration and data query


Here is a SCPI sequence for configuration and data query for the I/Q software interface option K11.


IQ:STAT ON --> enables the I/Q software interface
CHAN1:SCAL 0.4 --> set the vertical scale (400 mV / div), depends on the signal amplitude
CHAN1:IQ:INPT REAL --> set to "Real RF signal"
CHAN1:IQ:CFR 1MHZ --> Carrier frequency of the modulated RF signal
IQ:RBW 0.1 --> Bandwidth factor
IQ:SRAT 100000 --> Sample rate of output I/Q data
IQ:RLENGTH 1000 --> Record length of output I/Q data
CHAN1:IQ:SBRF NORM --> Frequency position of RF spectrum

Data query:
SING --> starts a single acqusition
*OPC? --> as soon "1" comes back the data can be queried:
CHAN1:IQ:DATA? --> Data query of Channel 1
CHAN1:IQ:DATA:HEAD? --> Query of the header