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Usage of a ZNB as two tone signal generator


I would like to use the ZNB as a signal generator. I need a CW signal on port 1 and port 3 with different frequencies. How can I get that?


For that application the Option ZNB-K4 "Frequency Conversion" is necessary

At first set the sweep mode of the ZNB to CW:

Press "Sweep", select the folder "Sweep tpye"

Tip on "CW Mode"

In the attached screenshot you will find the settings of the port configuration, which are necessary:

Press "CHANNEL CONFIG" and select the folder "Port Config"

Port 2 and Port 4 must be set to "RF OFF"

Port 1 and Port 3 must be set to "Gen"

At the column "Frequency Conversion" you have to enter at port 3 the difference of the frequency to port 1

Port 1 is set to "fb" which means "frequency base". Also the frequency for port 3 is related to fb.

With that settings you get continuous signals on port 1 and port 3.

Usage of a ZNB as two tone signal generator