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ZNB Error Message "..calkit does not comply with readable calibration kit file formats"


I have used my TRL calibration kit with my ZVA before. Now I want to use also with my ZNB.
But when I try to load the data of the calibration kit into the ZNB, the above error message is shown. What is the problem?


This error message is shown if the TRL calibration kit contains more than 3 line standards. This is not supported from the ZNB.

The highest frequency range of the ZNB series is 40 GHz. This can be covered by 3 line standards.
To use that calibration kit please edit the data in the menue of the ZVA. Remove the shortest line standards which are used for higher frequencies than 40 GHz. Only 3 line standards shall remain. The others are not needed at the ZNB. Then export the data of the kit to file.
If that file is imported into the ZNB, it is accepted.