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The role of data centric security In the cloud

Data centric security is key when using modern cloud infrastructures with full data control. High-tech companies that want to pursue a "cloud-first" strategy to take advantage of services such as data exchange and collaboration platforms, need a comprehensive approach to information security.

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VS-NfD and home office - The security setup for the governmental workspace

What are the risks of home office? How can you let your employees work mobile and at home in a highly secure way? What do government agencies and government organizations need to consider?

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Protecting against the Top 10 most critical API security risks

Learn in our webinar recording about the Top 10 most critical API security risks and how R&S®Web Application Firewall addresses each of these risks with the relevant product features ensuring an overall robust protection of APIs.

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Microsoft® Teams™ and Data Security: keep control of your data while taking advantage of the cloud

Gain a better understanding of the data infrastructure of Microsoft® Teams™. We will introduce the security concept of an additional layer of security in Microsoft® Teams™, and you will learn how to easily keep control of your data.

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