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Language: EN
Presenter: René Krupka, Rohde & Schwarz

Media Technology Webinars

The challenges of a modern ingest platform for live or near live studio production

Ingest operations are crucial in studio production no matter if live or pre-recorded. They are responsible for bringing content to life and consequently into the infrastructure. Modern ingest solutions must meet the demands of broadcast studios, but are also directly affected by viewer demands. Studio infrastructure will move to Ethernet, UHD and HDR are becoming more and more important in studio environments as well. One of the most important pieces of the studio production puzzle are media servers: they convert camera signals into standardized house formats, are connected to storages, are driven by automation systems and more. Performance, flexibility and reliability are, besides other criteria, the fundamentals for ingest servers to support incoming signals and deliver constant results in mission critical studio environments. We will derive how a modern ingest solution should be designed and how the R&S Venice brings benefit for studio productions.

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