Civil air traffic control

Rohde & Schwarz is known for innovative high-quality products in the ATC segment. Learn more about its innovative solutions for secure and safe ATC communication in the on-demand webinars.

Leveraging IP benefits in ATC

Learn more about the key benefits of full IP systems, as well as the different IP migration scenarios and the challenges they present. And get insights into various Rohde&Schwarz solutions for smart migration

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How digital transformation is driven by VoIP

In this webinar, gain insight into best practices from a decade of successful migrations around the globe. Find out more about the conversion and commissioning of the NATS Second Voice system directly from the customer.

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Enhancing resilience with easily deployable ATC solutions

In this webinar, you will learn how easy deployable ATC solutions enhance resilience and explore how trendsetting solutions such as MARS can make air traffic control safer and more efficient.

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Ground, flight, and drone-based air navigation testing

This webinar covers the ground and flight-based applications to be tested, and introduces you to the established Rohde & Schwarz portfolio of dedicated air navigation equipment analyzers, for commissioning and servicing ILS, GBAS, VOR, NDB and Marker Beacon Ground Stations and for analyzing air traffic control communications (ATC COM) signals.

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CERTIUM Service - trusted partner for mission critical systems

In this webinar, you will get a complete overview about service requirements that leverage a trusted cooperation to define innovative service solutions for mission critical system, a service portfolio that meets our customer needs and service delivery that fulfils the specific needs for mission critical systems and meets the committed performance.

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Paving the way with LDACS

Besides highlighting the main benefits of LDACS for users such as air navigation service providers and airlines, the webinar will focus on a concept for a fast and cost-efficient strategy to roll out the LDACS technology that involves upgrading existing infrastructures with minimal effort.

In this webinar, you will learn about various pragmatic approaches to implement and roll out LDACS within existing infrastructures as well as its benefits for all users.

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ATC voice quality assurance in IP networks

In this webinar, you will learn how innovation helps to solve challenges in critical infrastructure such as ATC and the benefits provided by the R&S®AVQA advanced voice quality assurance system when migrating to voice over IP.

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Secure, flexible and easy to integrate. The R&S®Series5200 ATC radio

Learn more how easily you can integrate the new R&S®Series5200 into your system and minimize the effort required.

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CERTIUM portfolio innovation and new product features

Find out more about the entire CERTIUM portfolio from the RADIOS, VCS, ANALYSIS to NETWORK lines of products. In addition the webinar will introduce a new security concept using certificates and its automatically distribution, significantly increasing the cyber security level for future ATC systems.

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Breakthrough maintenance: efficient operation and ease of use

The webinar will inform you about future trends of ATC infrastructures in operation. The content and demos will be interesting for ANSP's radio and VCS experts, as well as CTOs.

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Future-ready architecture for lang-lasting CERTIUM products

Learn more about all the technological features implemented in the new R&S®Series5200 radio and other CERTIUM products as well as the long lifetime of the system, which does not require hardware upgrades or updates. The product manager and head of ATC development will provide interesting insights into the product requirements, development and functions.

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Security by design. Safety by culture.

Learn more about the well-defined processes to develop and produce safety-relevant products for critical infrastructures. The customers rely on Rohde & Schwarz to strictly follow its lifecycle processes for developing secure products. After assessing the security requirements of the ATC environment, Rohde & Schwarz has implemented multilayer security methods within its products.

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Deep dive into CERTIUM RADIOS

Learn more about the very compact R&S®Series5200 radio, that combines a secure, redundant and flexible architecture with excellent RF performance for today’s and tomorrow’s ATC communications. It follows a strict security-by-design approach.

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Deep dive into CERTIUM LOCATE

Join the webinar and learn how CERTIUM LOCATE technology increases safety and efficiency, receive technical background information on topics such as dimensioning and the positioning of sensors, and hear testimonials.

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Learn about the options for migration to IP technology using CERTIUM GATEWAYS and simplified system operation using CERTIUM MANAGEMENT.

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Deep dive into CERTIUM NETWORK

Learn about requirements, design options for high resilience, security, our network component test results and much more.

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Applications videos

Drone based measurements

Drone inspection requires more than just a drone and a receiver: A small and light antenna, a permanent data link to the ground, very precise and lightweight GNSS, and robust immunity to RF interferers inside and outside the drone are also needed, along with low weight and reasonable battery life.


Effective drone detection

Controlled drones repeatedly violate privacy, protected area boundaries and air traffic safety. Regardless of the intention of the drone pilot, drones pose a serious security risk.


Sustainable design of ATC communications systems

Rohde & Schwarz plays its role and presents a pragmatic way to contribute towards making aviation sustainable.


80 seconds with CERTIUM Radios

Learn more about the advanced and fully integrated network component, with a security-by-design architecture and extremely flexible network interfaces.


80 seconds with air navigation test solutions

Learn more about the advantages of the Rohde & Schwarz avionics test solutions, how the drone-based air navigation testing evolving and what solution is Rohde & Schwarz offering here.


CERTIUM ANALYSIS Interference Hunting in an airport environment

In this video, Rohde & Schwarz explains how the R&S®PR200 portable receiver, with 40 MHz bandwidth, is able to clean the spectrum and identify, locate and eliminate all kinds of interference in an airport environment.


80 seconds with CERTIUM Trusted partner

For more than 35 years, Rohde & Schwarz has supported ATC customers across the world with a comprehensive range of solutions – even in challenging environments. More than 35 000 ATC radios and over 200 systems have been installed in more than 80 countries. Learn more about our successful longlasting customer relationships.


80 seconds with CERTIUM VCS

Get a brief overview of the R&S voice communications system within 80 seconds and learn about its main features and benefits.


80 seconds with LDACS

In the aeronautical community we hear quite often news about LDACS. What does LDACS stand for?


Network integration flexibility

Find out more about flexible network integration from ATC software defined radios from Rohde & Schwarz.


High availability 5kW HF high-power transmitters

Find out more about 5 kW HF transmitter from Rohde & Schwarz provides improved quality and high availability.


LDACS paves the way to ATM digitalization

Find out more about LDACS (L-band Digital Aeronautical Communications System), the new air-to-ground communications standard.


Secure call-sign identification

Find out more about ATC direction finders for situational awareness and secure call-sign identification from Rohde & Schwarz.


Strong security for critical infrastructure

Find out more about IP networks of ANSP infrastucture and network encryption for air traffic control.



In this 80 seconds video, Service Product Manager Sergio Lioce explains how Rohde & Schwarz support its customers through all phases of a project lifecycle. As a reliable partner the company embeds service as a key element in the CERTIUM ecosystem.


80 seconds with system engineering

How does comprehensive system engineering identify requirements and create a perfect design for unique ATC communications solutions? Rohde & Schwarz expert Jörg Kilpert shares best practice in system engineering for ATC communications in this 80 seconds video.


80 seconds with the CERTIUM RADIOS by Rohde & Schwarz

We’re spending 80 seconds with our CERTIUM RADIOS, designed to achieve the highest degree of security: Network separation, secure protocols, and more. Francesco Gualtieri, ATC Radio Communications Product Manager, gives us an overview about the ATC radio family.


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