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Rohde & Schwarz mobile network testing provides you with a complete range of technical webinars covering network technologies and test applications from mobile video and network optimization to interference hunting and 5G site acceptance.

Webinar: 5G Site Testing including latest real world challenges

5G Site Testing including latest real world challenges

This webinar examines the importance of site acceptance testing, identifying the various deployment scenarios and defining an efficient methodology to test the associated KPIs.

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Webinar: How network testing ensures 5G private network performance

Webinar: How network testing ensures 5G private network performance

This webinar discussed how private 5G networks can be evaluated by passive and active network tests as basis for network optimization and to ensure their performance even in the most demanding requirements.

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Webinar: Apples to apples benchmarking of 5G networks.

Webinar: Apples to Apples Benchmarking of 5G Networks

Join us in this webinar to learn about network benchmarking theories with solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

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Webinar: Network synchronization – essential for 5G performance

Network synchronization – essential for 5G performance

This webinar examines the topic network synchronization and describes a practical test procedure to make accurate measurements.

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Webinar: Using direction finding to locate mobile network interference in minutes

Using direction finding to locate mobile network interference in minutes

This webinar describes the process of interference hunting, examines the test tools available and identifies where DF can be used for maximum advantage.

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Webinar: Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

Fundamental learnings from benchmarking 5G networks

This webinar describes an approach to overcome 5G benchmarking challenges and uses real measurements from benchmarking first commercial deployments of 5G to analyze a network’s true performance and measure its ability to support current and future use cases.

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Webinar: EMF measurements – THE prerequisite to deploy 5G

EMF measurements – THE prerequisite to deploy 5G

Watch this webinar, that compares two competing measurement techniques for EMF measurements, discusses their pros and cons and provides example measurements from the field.

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Webinar: Smart Factories - 5 phases of 5G network testing

Smart Factories - 5 phases of 5G network testing

Join this webinar to discover how accurate and insightful testing at every phase of the mobile network to prepare, deploy and operate Smart Factories enables faster roll out, efficient use of network resources and delivery of demanding Quality of Service requirements.

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Tutorial series: 5G mobile network testing

This series of four webinars guides you through the test sequence to ensure efficient and successful 5G network preparation, deployment and operation. Each module adresses a particular aspect of the network lifecycle, identifies the technical fundamentals and defines a test approach to deliver the required network performance.

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Webinar series: interference hunting

Join our experts for an on-demand online training program packed with a series of four webinars for you to upskill your interference hunting.

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Ensuring NB-IoT coverage, operation and performance

This webinar discusses that networks for IoT applications require a new approach when deploying and testing cellular IoT. The coordinated use of a network scanner and a cellular IoT device together with our optimization software delivers deep insight into IoT network and service performance, verifying their correct operation and indicating the cause of potential issues.

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Why voice quality is still a differentiator in today’s mobile networks

Voice remains the principle service for which most subscribers use their mobile device and voice quality continues to be a critical factor in how they perceive their operator and OTT applications. This webinar will examine the significance of voice in today’s mobile networks and look at the importance of an integrated metric that quantifies voice quality from an end user perspective.

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Identifying and eliminating interference in mobile networks

This webinar examines the different sources of interference in mobile networks and considers their impact on capacity and subscriber Quality of Experience. The focus is on external interference and how to identify, locate and eliminate it.

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Are you really taking care of QoE in your mobile network?

This webinar examines the role of drive testing and benchmarking to provide the reliable end-user insight needed for intelligent network investment decisions.

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QoE intelligence

This webinar examines the new optimization landscape and describes how intelligent QoE analytics including Machine Learning can provide the basis for 5G NR optimization campaigns.

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Enable smart macro network enhancements with mobile network testing

This webinar will examine the challenge facing operators to address increasing capacity and performance demands in mobile networks and consider the various macro network enhancements available such as deployment of 4x4 MIMO, Carrier Aggregation, antenna tilt optimization and increased sectorization.

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Five essentials for accurate video quality testing

The webinar examines the importance of user perceived video quality for operator success and how to test the user's perceived quality of experience (QoE) of video services (live streaming or video on demand).

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