R&S®CBT/CBT32 Bluetooth® Tester

Fast and comprehensive RF and audio measurements

This is a discontinued product
Please note the following successor product(s):
Base Unit
Hardware Options
  • R&S®CBT-B41 Order No. 1170.3406.05
    Dual-Channel Audio Generator and Analyzer

    for R&S®CBT

  • R&S®CBT-B41 Order No. 1170.3406.02
    Dual-Channel Audio Generator and Analyzer

    for R&S®CBT32

  • R&S®CBT-B42 Order No. 1170.3706.03
    Digital Audio Interface

    for R&S®CBT and R&S®CBT32

    S/P-DIF; [[pas:CBT]]-B41 required

Software Options
  • R&S®CBTgo
    Software for automated testing

  • R&S®CBT-K52 Order No. 1170.4002.02
    A2DP Stereo Profile and SBC Codec

    for R&S®CBT and R&S®CBT32

    [[pas:CBT-B41]] required

  • R&S®CBT-K54 Order No. 1170.3806.02
    Handsfree and Headset Profiles

    for R&S®CBT and R&S®CBT32

  • R&S®CBT-K55 Order No. 1170.3206.02
    Enhanced Data Rate (EDR)

    for R&S®CBT and R&S®CBT32

  • R&S®CBT-K57 Order No. 1170.4102.02
    Bluetooth® Low Energy Option

Recommended Extras
  • R&S®CBT-ZUSB Order No. 1170.4254.00
    Bluetooth low energy automation box

    Controls EUTs with USB interface, for R&S®CBT/CBT32 with Bluetooth LE option R&S®CBT-K57

  • R&S®ZZA-211 Order No. 1096.3260.00R&S®ZZA-211 19" Rack Adapter
    19" Rack Adapter

    For mounting a 19" housing 2 RU high in a standard 19" rack

  • R&S®ZZA-S03 Order No. 1105.6756.00
    19" Rack Adapter

    4 HU, for R&S®CBT

  • R&S®DCV-1 Order No. 0240.2187.08
    Documentation of Calibration Values

  • R&S®CMW-Z10 Order No. 1204.7008.02R&S®CMW-Z10 RF Shield Box
    RF Shield Box

    Internal gas springs, assembled

  • R&S®CMW-Z10 Order No. 1204.7008.04
    RF Shield Box

    External gas springs, assembled

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