Vector Network Analyzer Partners

Rohde & Schwarz is partnering with other well known companies in the industry to provide customers with the best possible solutions. The company is addressing user needs by adding complementary hardware and software to its broad portfolio of vector network analyzers.


Our partner: ELVA-1

ELVA-1 is a worldwide leading expert for millimeter- and submillimeter-wave related components, subsystems and solutions within the 26 GHz to 220 GHz frequency range. ELVA-1 offers the same product line for higher frequencies up to 1.200 GHz too.

The company focuses its research and development efforts towards millimeter- and submillimeter- wave technologies and produces components and devices with unique performance characteristics. Since the year 2000 ELVA-1 aggressively pushes its product range into mm-wave telecom products.

One of the company’s highlights is the DPM Power Meter series test equipment. The application of individual power sensors allows measuring signals in the frequency band from 0.01 GHz to 220 GHz.

The DPM Power Meters are mainly used for power calibration of the R&S®ZVA-Zxx millimeter wave converter series which extend the operating bandwidths of the R&S network analyzers to higher frequencies.

The ELVA-1 DPM power meter helps to get a flat and defined output power vs frequency of the R&S®ZVA-Zxx converters.

The DPM power meters can be used also for standard power level measurement applications.


Our partner: Focus Microwaves

Focus Microwaves manufactures electromechanical impedance tuners from 10MHz to 65GHz in coaxial and up to 110GHz in waveguide, focusing on high VSWR (>100:1), multi-harmonic (2fo, 3fo, 4fo) and high power (500W) for

  • Designing power and low noise amplifiers
  • Improving mobile phone performance
  • Validating transistor large signal models and
  • Optimizing transistor technology

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Our partner: Maury Microwave

Maury Microwave is a global leader for non-50Ω device characterization solutions covering 10 MHz to over 1 THz, including:

  • passive, active and hybrid-active fundamental and harmonic load pull
  • noise parameters extraction and modeling
  • pulsed IV/S-parameters and compact transistor model extraction for III-V and MOS technologies
  • behavioral model extraction of components and circuits
  • automated UE test
  • low, medium and high-power robustness/VSWR test
  • singular software platform for measurement, model extraction, model validation, visualization and data analysis
  • solutions tailored to aerospace/defense and commercial telecommunications with an emphasis on 5G and WiFi

Maury Microwave develops best-in-class solutions with our partners to solve advanced customer challenges, and supports our customers with a global team of Applications Engineers based in the United States, France, the Netherlands, Russia and China.

Maury Microwave’s characterization solutions will help characterize and model transistor technologies, design better amplifiers and circuits, and validate the performance and robustness of circuits and systems.


Our partner: MicroCraft

MicroCraft, established in 1972, continues technological developments that allows MicroCraft to be a world leader in product advancements and customer satisfaction. MicroCraft takes pride in their variety of internationally recognized products such as moving probe testers, inkjet printers, and TDR measurement systems.

In addition to their existing product offering, MicroCraft has introduced a new PCB testing machine named E2V6151. This new system is designed to be equipped with R&S’s Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) to measure the S-parameters and characteristic evaluation for devices and boards used for 5G application. The high frequency probe unit with a rotation mechanism enables the testing of various pad arrangements with high precision. MicroCraft continues to address the needs of customers with innovative solutions.


Our partner: MPI Corporation

MPI Corporation is a publicly held company, founded in July, 1995 and has enjoyed growth well beyond industry standards due to an infusion between customer centricity, industry leading technology development, advanced manufacturing techniques and world class customer support. MPI’s three main product lines include state of the art Wafer Test Probe Cards, Production LED Equipment and Advanced Semiconductor Test Equipment Division, which as a technology and innovation leader, offers complete Test Solutions based on:

  • A variety of manual or automated engineering probe systems,
  • Industry‘s first explicitly designed probe system for accurate measurements at mm-wave and sub-mm wave (THz) frequency range
  • Single ended or differential RF probes from 26 and up to 110 GHz,
  • QAlibria™ - the unique intuitive and multi-touch operated RF calibration software, supporting NIST multi-line TRL, StatistiCal and all Rohde & Schwarz VNA models.

Major focus is on applications such as RF and mmW, Device Characterization for modeling and process development, and many other complex applications.


Our partner: Schmid & Partner Engineering AG

Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) is the leading developer and manufacturer of reliable, efficient, user-friendly and advanced numerical tools and instrumentation for the accurate evaluation of electromagnetic near fields from static to optical frequencies. The Dielectric Assessment Kit (DAK) is the first product of the dielectric spectroscopy product line. It is ideal for all applications where high-precision dielectric measurements are required (permittivity, conductivity, loss tangent), including applications in the electronic, chemical, food and medical industries.

The dielectric probes are open coaxial probes designed for fast, precise, nondestructive and easy-to-perform measurements of liquids, solids and semi-solids in the 10 MHz to 67 GHz frequency range. The DAK interfaces with all current Rohde & Schwarz vector network analyzers (VNA) to provide a precise and reliable dielectric measurement system.


Our partner: SWISSto12

SWISSto12’s engineers and long-standing know-how in the fields of radio-frequency and terahertz also serves Test & Measurement applications. Research centers across the world trust SWISSto12 with demanding assignments that shape technological advancement. SWISSto12 offers state-of-the art test devices, such as its Material Characterization Kits (MCK) to enable new testing capabilities.

The Material Characterization Kit (MCK) is a broadband dielectric material characterization solution over a wide frequency range. The solution is highly-evaluated by the industry and several national metrology institutes. The MCK allows:

  • measurements in a wide frequency range between 25 GHz and 1100 GHz;
  • measurements of solid samples, coatings, foams, powders, and liquids;
  • getting precise and reliable results in an easy and convenient way.

Our partner: QWED

QWED is a Polish company specializing in delivering a wide variety of solutions for high precision electromagnetic measurements of materials. The company is involved in materials characterization and provides standard and customized measurement systems for over 20 years. The portfolio of dedicated material measurement solutions includes:

  • Characterization of dielectric sheets with industry standard Split-Post Dielectric Resonators (SPDR) at 1.1 GHz, 2.5 GHz, 5 GHz, 10 GHz, and 15GHz, and new broadband Fabry-Perot Open Resonator (FPOR) operating in 20 – 120 GHz frequency range, both delivering high accuracy of dielectric constant and loss tangent measurement, going below 0.5% and 2%, respectively.
  • Characterization of low-loss high permittivity ceramic disks, with the loss tangent level as low as 5E10^-7.
  • Characterization of semiconductor wafers with Split-Post Dielectric Resonator (high resistivity semiconductors) and Single-Post Dielectric Resonator (low resistivity semiconductors). A full range of resistivity values from 10-4 [Ωcm] up to 5 104 [Ωcm] can be covered.
  • Complex permittivity measurements of liquid and powder materials.
  • Effective conductivity and surface resistance measurements of metals.

Our partner: Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd.

Yamaha Fine Technologies Co., Ltd. holds a high market share in the PCB testing market. The company can draw on about 20 years of experience in the field of PCB testing, predominantly in the Asian market. Currently, Yamaha has developed a new series of equipment for measuring the high-frequency characteristics of high-speed transmission PCBs to be used in 5G applications.

Combining Yamaha's micro prober MP series with Rohde & Schwarz multiport VNAs such as the R&S®ZNBT opens up new testing opportunities to customers.

  • The new Yamaha MP series micro prober systems can be equipped with a multi-contact probe, which makes it possible to measure all relevant high-frequency characteristics on the actual traces of a PCB instead of using test coupons.
  • Test results can be saved using the 2D code reading function, providing 100 % traceability.
  • The system achieves high positioning accuracy due to automatic alignment using a CCD camera and automatic contacting of the PCB part to be tested. Measurement errors are drastically reduced compared to manual inspection.
  • High repeatability due to stable PCB handling technology.
  • High productivity due to high-speed, automated measurements.

Yamaha can also offer customized solutions to meet the customer’s PCB and process specifications.