R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array

R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array
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R&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, ScreenshotR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Front HighR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Front LowR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Side viewR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Front LowR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Hero viewR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Back viewR&S®QAT100 Advanced antenna array, Side view

Key facts

  • Unique electronically steerable antenna array
  • Extremely flexible and scalable system
  • High radial resolution and field-of-view coverage
  • 4 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth
  • Stand-alone short-range echo generation using R&S®QAT-B5 option
  • Elektra Award winner

Spatial moving targets without mechanical movement

As an alternative to standard RF frontends, the R&S®QAT100 offers the possibility of generating horizontal (alternatively vertical) moving targets without requiring any physical movement. With up to 2 x 96 individually switchable transmit antennas (with R&S®QAT-B2), the R&S®QAT100 ensures high resolution, high speed and high repeatability. 

Its 4 GHz instantaneous RF bandwidth together with the ability to handle up to 8 completely independent objects offer the ability to simulate even densely populated scenarios. The optional analogue stepped delay line (R&S®QAT-B5 option), allows for the simulation of short-range echoes directly in the frontend.

Features & benefits

Extremely scalable and flexible

Combine several R&S®QAT100 in order to increase the field-of-view

Several R&S®QAT100 can be combined in order to increase the field-of-view (FOV). All R&S®QAT100 advanced antenna arrays in a multi-instrument setup are synchronized via the R&S®AREG800 dynamic radar echo generator. This allows the simulation of complex ADAS scenarios.

Depending on the amount of available IF-path on the backend, densely populated scenarios with up to 8 independently moving targets can be generated.

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Combining several R&S®QAT100 to increase the azimuthal coverage of the radar stimulation.

High speed and accuracy

Simulation of radial moving targets with extremely high speeds

The antenna spacing of only 3.7 mm provides a high radial resolution for realistic simulation of complex radar scenarios. Thanks to the electronic switching of the antennas, it is possible to simulate extremely fast radial velocities with an outstanding reproducibility.

The absence of moving parts and the missing necessity of moving the frontend for azimuthal object simulation result in reduced wear and tear and a high accuracy and repeatability of the simulated object angles.

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Equipped with the QAT-B2 option, the R&S®QAT100 features up to 192 individually switchable transmit antennas.

Reduced close-range objects

Reducing close-range reflections to minimize interference on the radar.

The small patch antennas together with the absorber covered surface provide a clean RF frontend with very low RCS. This reduces the sensor's noise floor and potential multipath reflections.

Additionally, the R&S®QAT100 can be equipped with the R&S®QAT-B50 option, providing a shielded environment to the radar sensor and thus further reducing the potential interference with neighboring test setups.

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The R&S®QAT100 with R&S®QAT-Z50 mounted in order to reducuce reflections and unwanted objects.

Ready for complex scenarios

Up to 8 completely independent objects on a single frontend.

In order to simulate urban scenarios, a high object density is required. The R&S®QAT100 with R&S®QAT-B2 option supports up to 8 completely independent targets that can be directed to 192 individual antennas.

To decrease the complexity for the user, the R&S®AREG800 takes care of scenario generation and automatically addresses the corresponding antennas of the R&S®QAT100.

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The R&S®AREG800 and R&S®QAT100 with R&S®QAT-B2 option are the best performing solution when the simulation of complex radar environments is required.

Short range echo generation

Generate short-range echoes using the R&S®QAT-B5 option.

To efficiently perform parametric testing of radar sensors, long distances are not necessarily required. The optional analogue stepped delay line (R&S®QAT-B5 option) enables the instrument to simulate echoes up to approximately 13m, longer distances can be realized with an additional external delay.

Both manual operation via the on-screen menu and automation via ethernet commands is supported, enabling the automation of basic test cases and scenarios.

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Generation of short-range echoes enables the verification of e.g. AEB functionalities.

MIMO Radar compatible

Optimized frontend for state-of-the-art MIMO sensors

Testing MIMO sensors requires the smallest possible offset between the respective receive and transmit antennas. The R&S®QAT100 with R&S®QAT-B21 frontend features 96 pairs of transmit and receive antennas with only 3.7mm of lateral offset between corresponding pairs. This allows to test the range resolution and accuracy of imaging radar sensors. The R&S®QAT-B21 option comes with an advanced absorber surface for an even lower reflectivity compared to the R&S®QAT-B11 standard frontend.

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R&S®QAT100 equipped with R&S®QAT-B21 option for MIMO support.

RF frequency range76 - 81 GHz
RF bandwidth4 GHz
IF bandwidthcorresponds to 4 GHz RF BW1 GHz
IF frequency range1.1 to 2.1 GHz
Artificial objects
Supported object typedynamic and static
Maximum number of IF pathwith R&S®QAT100up to 4 independant angular directions
with R&S®QAT-B2 optionup to 8 independant angular directions
Distanceincluding 0.5m airgap. Requires QAT-B52.3 - 12.9m
Dynamic range60 dB
antenna configurationwith R&S®QAT-B11 frontend5 RX / 96 TX
with R&S®QAT-B11 frontend and QAT-B210 RX / 192 TX
with R&S®QAT-B21 frontend96 RX / 96 TX
Polarization45 degrees

Available options

Antenna modules

Order number 1341.0240.11


Standard Frontend

Consists of 2 lines with 96 transmit and 5 receive antennas each. The operation of the second line requires R&S®QAT-B2. Is compatible with up to 2 QAT-B5 ASDL  


Order number 1341.0240.21


MIMO Frontend

Consists of 2 line with 96 transmit and 96 receive antennas. An upgrade with R&S®QAT-B2 is not possible. Is compatible with R&S®QAT-B5. Supports next generation MIMO radars.


Order number 1341.0227.20


Pair of RF cable – 2 meter


Order number 1341.0210.02


Hinge set

Set contains two hinges for the correct positioning of multiple QAT100 in a complex setup.


Order number 1341.0156.02


Absorber System

Shielding system for R&S®QAT100 to minimize reflections and interference. Length of the system approximately 50cm. Can be extended using R&S®QAT-Z51.


Order number 1341.0185.02


Absorber System - extension

Shielding extension for QAT-Z50. Contains three individual pieces with length of 10 cm each. Requires QAT-Z50.


Order number 1341.0191.02


Shielding system for 3x QAT100

Shielding system to be mounted on three QAT100 with approx. length of 50cm. Covered by absorber material to minimize potential reflections


Order number 1341.0227.10


Pair of RF cable – 1 meter


Order number 1341.0227.15


Pair of RF cable – 1.5 meter


Order number 1341.0162.02


Additional antenna line

Second line of 96 transmit and 5 receive antennas for the R&S®QAT100. Compatible only with R&S®QAT-B11 frontend.


Order number 1341.0179.02


Analogue stepped delay line

Analog stepped delay line (ASDL) for simulation of exremely short distances. Maximum simulated distance approximately 13m, depending in airgap. Step size: 0.1m.

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