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EMC32 does not start - found Error 2113 in the logfile


I am no longer able to run EMC32. The program stops during the starting process. If I take a look in the logfile, i can see the following content:

start: EMC32 modMain (Code) Main 12148

start: EMC32_DeviceList clsDeviceList (Code) Class_Initialize No Parameters 12148

start: EMC32_DeviceList clsDeviceList (Code) InitDeviceList 12148

start: EMC32_DeviceList clsDeviceList ReadRegInfo 12148

start: EMC32_Utilities utlUtilities (Code) utlGetAllRegValues Parameter=Devices\Amplifiers 12148

COM-Name: EMC32_Utilities

Errorclass: 1

Errornumber: 2113

Maindescription: Fehler beim Lesen eines Registry-Eintrages !

Description: Anwendungs- oder objektdefinierter Fehler

Errorline: 0

What can i do to make it work again?


The most easy way to fix that startup-issue is to start EMC32 as Admin. If this does not help, this step should be combined with a new installation of EMC32, also performed by right cklicking the installer and choose "Start as Admin".

Nevertheless it has to do with user rights and so it should be checked and fixed by your local IT Admins. Otherwise the same behaviour could happen again later on.

EMC32 needs read access to the following key node;

When using a standard Windows Installation, this should be the case. Sometimes users don't have these rights.