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Is it possible to migrate my EMC32 templates to ELEKTRA?


I am existing EMC32 customer. It is possible to migrate my EMC32 templates to ELEKTRA?


We have ELEKTRAMigrationTool.exe that comes with ELEKTRA installation. This migration tool can covert data from EMC32 or ES-SCAN to XML. This file format that can be imported by ELEKTRA. To convert data from EMC32 to ELEKTRA, first select the source application, which is EMC32. You can migrate data from your exisiting EMC32 installation on your PC:

EMC32 select application

Then select the data file path. If you are using the C:\ProgramData folder, take care that this is not a hidden folder. You can verify this in Windows Explorer.

If the folder has the attribute "hidden", uncheck this. If you have a EMC32 backup available, unzip this zip-archive and select this option, if you prefer. Select source data

Select source data

and the data file path to convert.

Destination file path

In both cases you can select the available files individually.

Destination file path

To start the import process, run ELEKTRA and find the Import in the Tools menu.

Input file for import

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