CERTIUM webinar: Service - Trusted partner for mission critical systems

Presented by Alin Koc, Peter Kaltenstadtler,Sergio Lioce and Michael Golombek

Voice communication systems for air traffic control (ATC) are catering for increasingly complex operational use cases, while moving from analog to IP technology. At the same time, they are considered mission-critical, required to be available around the clock in order to keep ATC operations moving. New advanced solutions in designing modern system architectures are also requiring a more comprehensive approach to implement and deliver innovative service solutions for ATC service providers.

Service requirements like technical assistance for complete systems, regular software maintenance, such as bug fixing and security patches, as well as assurance that system operability can be supported over its entire lifecycle are more and more requested by our customers when choosing a solution.

Rohde & Schwarz ensures the serviceability and operability of all system components and support each product application in its operational environment during the entire system lifecycle. As a trusted service partner, from the "requirements phase," where all service requirements are captured and analyzed, through the "service product design phase," where the concept is designed and implemented, to the "service delivery phase," where contracted services are fulfilled.

In this webinar, you will get a complete overview about

  • Service requirements that leverage a trusted cooperation to define innovative service solutions for mission critical system.
  • A service portfolio that meets our customer needs.
  • Service delivery that fulfils the specific needs for mission critical systems and meets the committed performance.