Deceptive jammer / DRFM testing

Test and measurement solutions for the next level

Webinar: Deceptive jammer / DRFM testing

DRFM jammer has become a highly complex key element of the EA suite. It has evolved from a simple repeater with some fading capabilities to a complex electronic attack asset. Some of the more critical tests are verifying proper operation and timing of the deception techniques on the system level, qualifying the individual components, submodules and modules at the RF/IF level, and last but not least making sure that clock jitter and power integrity are addressed early at the design stage.

For all these requirements, Rohde & Schwarz offers cutting edge test and measurement solutions. The webinar introduces the concept of Digital RF Memory Jammers, describes their technology and the respective Test and Measurement challenges and solutions from Rohde & Schwarz.

Duration: 30 minutes

Who should attend: Design and development engineers, RF engineers, technology specialists, laboratory managers and supervisors, professionals involved in Electronic Warfare technology development and production.


Yassen Mikhailov is responsible for the Rohde & Schwarz A&D Test and Measurement Market in Europe. He holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the US Naval Academy and a MS in Telecommunications from the University of Maryland. With over 16 years of experience as an RF engineer Mikhailov has held different engineering and management positions at ARINC and Rohde & Schwarz.

Yassen Mikhailov