SmallSat system architectures

Presented by Matt Hammond

Webinar: SmallSat system architectures

Design for testability

Small satellite architectures range from high school science projects to multi-billion dollar, high volume constellations. Program risk increases as system complexity and costs increase, especially for complicated LEO small satellite constellations. Competing terrestrial technologies enjoy a rich experience of verification and type approval requirements, as well as commercially available test systems.

Standards associations, like 3GPP, and mobile network operators define test cases which, at present, count in the tens of thousands, in an effort to anticipate and prevent a broad experience of potential fail conditions and ensure device interoperability. Unfortunately, similar specifications and test case development are almost non-existent in satellite communications applications. Satellite payloads, gateway terminals and user terminals experience ever more complicated air interface and channel impairment scenarios.

This webinar will discuss system architecture considerations to enable platform testability. These considerations include:

  • Radio resource management
  • Channel and constellation emulation
  • Cost effective troubleshooting test tools during integration, 4) RF verification for advanced radios and multi-element antennas
  • Production optimization. Failure to consider these almost certainly result in significant and unnecessary engineering costs, delays in commercialization, and reduction in system capacity.

This presentation proposes a system architecture planning checklist to facilitate critical testing throughout the development cycle of small satellite payloads, gateway terminals, and user terminals.

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