Radiomonitoring vehicle

Radiomonitoring and radiolocation

Radiomonitoring and radiolocation portfolio

The company offers the whole product portfolio for any radio- or network monitoring task from a single source.

Rohde & Schwarz provides a wide range of signal intelligence, electronic warfare and spectrum monitoring solutions. Standalone products as well as turnkey systems support numerous tasks, from signal detection and analysis to evaluation of emitter geolocation and many other vital measurements.

The company’s radiomonitoring receivers, direction finders, signal analyzers, antennas, software and customized systems have made Rohde & Schwarz a reliable partner to its customers for decades. Radiomonitoring applications include sovereign spectrum management by regulatory authorities and technical monitoring of radio networks by their operators as well as securing critical infrastructures such as power plants and also radiomonitoring to ensure homeland and external security.

Product overview

Antennas for communications, monitoring and EMC

The product line encompasses a wide range of highly sensitive active and passive antennas for mobile and stationary use.

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Cellular network analysis

Cellular network analysis solutions investigate commercial mobile radio networks over the air interface, determine spectrum and channel use, detect and locate mobile radio cells, evaluate radio frequency coverage and detect illegal transmitters.

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Counter drone systems

The systems have spezialized capabilities for drone detection, identifiation, classification and direction finding.

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Digital wideband recorders

Digital wideband recorders for I/Q recordings and I/Q data - the time-saving solution to analyze and process live RF scenario.

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Radiomonitoring software

The Rohde & Schwarz radiomonitoring system software controls, measures and stores information flow in a networked system.

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Receivers and direction finders

Direction finders and receivers determine the source of radio signals accurately. Learn more about Rohde & Schwarz high precision technology.

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Signal analysis software

Flexible and automatic multichannel solutions for detecting, classifying and processing radiocommunications signals.

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