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  • CMUCopy - Transferring CMU Hardcopy to PC using the IEEE Bus or the serial interface

    This application note has been replaced by application note 1MA74 RSCommander.

  • CDMA2000® Receiver Tests Under Fading Conditions with R&S®CMU and ABFS

    This application note describes how to generate cdma2000® signals for wide ranging receiver tests under fading conditions for cdma2000® 450/Cellular/PCS/IMT-2000 mobile and base station equipment. The test setup requires an Rohde & Schwarz Universal Radio Communication Tester CMU with IQ-IF interface option CMU-B17 and a baseband fading simulator ABFS. The cdma2kFadLevCor program included with this application note performs a semi automatic level correction of the power fed to the Device Under Test (DUT).

  • Additional Tests on CDMA2000® Mobile Stations in Accordance with Standard TIA-98

    Most of the tests specified in the standard TIA-98 that a CDMA2000® mobile station has to fulfill can be performed by the Universal Radio Communication Tester R&S®CMU200 without further assistance. Other tests, however, require additional instruments, for instance for generating interfering signals. Some tests of the standard TIA-98 need features that a tester optimized for production cannot offer, for example high dynamic spectrum analysis up to 12.75 GHz. This Application Note shows how to perform these tests easily with the remote-control software CMUgo, using the R&S®CMU200 in combination with R&S®SMU, R&S®SMJ, R&S®SMIQ, or R&S®SML signal generators, and R&S®FSQ, R&S®FSU, R&S®FSP, or R&S®FSL spectrum analyzers. New test items and sequences will therefore be included in the CMUgo software v1.9.8 to remote-control the R&S®CMU200, as well as the signal generators and spectrum analyzers. They are presented in this Application Note.

  • Measurements on PCS1900 Base Stations According to J-STD-007

    The following application note describes the function and operation of user menus for FSE Spectrum Analyzers including option Vector Signal Analysis (FSE-B7). For measurements according to the PCS 1900 standard user menus are provided, which perform settings on FSE for Base Station testing required in the standard. The menu and the accompanying setups are stored on a floppy disk. For operation of the menus firmware version 1.40 or higher is required. Option Vector Signal Analysis FSE-B7 has to be installed for the use of the application menu.

  • Converting Existing Waveform Files from R&S®AMIQ or Binary into R&S®SMU200A or R&S®AFQ100A Format

    This application note describes how to use the Rohde & Schwarz software tool ‘RsBatchConvert.exe’ for the conversion of binary data or WinIQSIM generated AMIQ waveforms into the new waveform format. The tool not only rescales I/Q data contained in the file but also changes the K-option requirement from WinIQSIM Kxx to the new WinIQSIM2 K2xx options. Thus, new instruments with installed K2xx options may be used to continue using existing waveform files.

  • CDMA2000® Base Station Test with R&S Equipment

    This Application Note describes measurements compliant with the cdma2000® base station standard described in 3GPP2 C.S0010 / TIA/EIA-97 / ARIB STD-T64-C.S0010. The primary focus is on solutions for generating and analyzing cdma2000® signals. The special characteristics that make the selected signal generators and signal analyzers eminently suitable for this purpose are detailed, and remote control programming is demonstrated by a free of charge program.

  • Importing Data in ARB, Custom Digital Modulation and RF List Mode

    The foregoing application note is intended for everyone who desires to become more familiar with the use and upload of custom data in ARB, digital modulation and RF list mode. Particularly, this note describes the instruments R&S® SMW200A, R&S® SGT100A, R&S® SMBV100A, R&S® SMU200A, R&S® SMJ100A and R&S® SMATE200A and provides an overview of already available solutions as well as it gives hints for the writing of own applications. Please also see the application note 1GP88 for the ARB Toolbox software and the application note 1GP96 for the CDM-Toolbox software.

  • WCDMA / CDMA2000® Intermodulation Calibration for Zero IF Chipsets

    The R&S®CMU200 provides the signals required for 2nd order intermodulation (IM2) performance verification for WCDMA / CDMA2000® chipsets with zero IF design. This application note is a guide to configure the R&S® CMU200 for such an application.

  • CDMA2000®1xEV-DO Packet Data Testing with R&S®CMU200

    The Rohde & Schwarz R&S®CMU200 can be configured to perform packet data testing in a Mobile IP or Simple IP environment. This application note is intended as a guide to configuring the necessary Mobile IP or Simple IP network elements and R&S®CMU200 instrument for CDMA2000®1xEV-DO.

  • PESQ® Measurement for CDMA2000® with R&S®CMUgo

    Recent mobile test methods could not evaluate the quality of data reduced speech signals with different coded and decoded signals. The Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) provides the solution for this measuring problem. CDMA2000® PESQ is an add-on tool for CMUgo for automatic measurement of the PESQ for CDMA2000® mobile phones according to recommendation ITU-T P.862.1 featuring selectable fading profiles and variable Additional White Gaussian Noise (AWGN).

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