Secure and flexible central storage for Black Photon

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Post-production professionals require the ability to work quickly and securely in highly collaborative environments, and with ultimate precision. Black Photon, a post-production studio in Poland, required a powerful and secure central storage system to handle high-throughput content delivery while ensuring security and resilience. After careful consideration, they chose R&S®SpycerNode 5u84 as the storage solution to meet their needs.

Black Photon Media Storage

Challenges in storage for post-production workflows

Post-production houses face many challenges in delivering high quality deliverables against tight deadlines. Paramount for this project was the delivery of high throughput and bandwidth, supporting multiple projects simultaneously, maintaining native resolution storage, enabling fast and seamless connectivity, and ensuring robust security against cyber attacks.

Kamil Rutkowski

What the CEO of Black Photon says:

Rohde & Schwarz has the best support I have ever known. We work closely together and there is always a prompt response from them when we need something. As a growing business, we appreciate the scalability of R&S®SpycerNode, allowing us to grow our storage at the same rate as the business. The cost-effective solution simplifies processes with minimal impact on operations.

Kamil Rutkowski

Secure media storage for collaborative environments

The R&S®SpycerNode solution addressed these challenges by providing high-capacity and high-performance storage, scalability for future expansion, flexibility without additional license fees, fast Ethernet connectivity, and seamless integration with Black Photon's security and archiving approaches. It meets the demanding requirements of simultaneous media management and access for various projects, supports broadcast and digital cinema resolutions, and integrates with third-party editing and finishing tools.

The architecture of R&S®SpycerNode allows for efficient separation of departments and users with multi-user permissions, making it ideal for multi-tenant operations. It utilizes high-performance computing technologies and IBM erasure coding technology for extreme security and resilience. The use of Mellanox switches ensures real-time performance in creative rooms, while physical access control and strict security measures protect against external cyber attacks.

The R&S®SpycerNode solution also addresses the need for data protection against ransomware attacks and technical failures through backups and LTO tape archiving. It enables Black Photon to provide the highest level of content security and comply with industry standards such as the Trusted Partner Network.

Empowering creativity in post-production

Overall, the R&S®SpycerNode solution seamlessly integrates into Black Photon's workflows and provides exceptional performance, scalability, and security. Black Photon CEO, Kamil Rutkowski also gave high praise to the Rohde & Schwarz professional services team for high reliability and excellent support. The storage solution empowers Black Photon to deliver outstanding content and supports the growth of their business while fulfilling their commitment to supporting film school students and the local film industry.

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  • Ideal for intensive Read/Write workflows
  • Scale up and scale out
  • NVMe, SSD and HDD drive options

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  • Ideal for heavy lifting and balanced read/write
  • Scale up and scale out
  • SSD and HDD drive options

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R&S®SpycerNode SC

  • Ideal for VFX and Post Production
  • Ultra performance up to 22GB/Sec
  • SSD and HDD drive options

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