Spectrum Monitoring Vehicle

Military spectrum monitoring

Exploring the electromagnetic spectrum

Spectrum monitoring gives armed forces spectrum awareness to ensure proper use of radio frequencies and avoid unintended emissions. It is the basis for spectrum management and can help to protect specific areas. Moreover, spectrum monitoring systems can assist medevac missions and even verify EMCON (emissions control) discipline.

Spectrum awareness

Reliable radio communications depend on proper frequency planning and assignment. In order to plan and assign only available frequencies, the “white spaces” in the spectrum have to be identified. Occupancy and coverage measurements provide the necessary data for meaningful evaluations. They validate the utilization of assigned frequencies, providing comprehensive information about actual spectrum use. This makes it possible to enhance and update the spectrum management database, so that only free channels are assigned, ensuring reliable radio communications for friendly forces.

Interference resolution

Military spectrum monitoring systems are efficient tools for resolving radio interference. In cases where friendly transmissions are disrupted, but not through intentional jamming by adversaries, they enable step-by-step troubleshooting to track down the source of the interference. The wide portfolio of Rohde & Schwarz interference resolution tools ranges from mobile to transportable to portable systems. They allow detection, identification and geolocation of unwanted emissions that are covered by wanted signals as well as sporadically active interference.

Area protection

Rohde & Schwarz military spectrum monitoring systems contribute to situational awareness. At operating bases and other facilities in the area of operation, the systems can perform 24/7 monitoring of entire frequency bands. Continuous monitoring of spectrum availability and occupancy also enables detection of external emissions from sources other than friendly troops. The systems can alert operators and geolocate emitters to provide situational awareness and help protect areas and forces.


In operational areas, defense forces actively utilize the electromagnetic spectrum for communications, navigation, and many other applications. These emissions can be intercepted and exploited by opponents, putting the mission at risk. Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems can verify EMCON (emission control) discipline and help friendly forces to remain undetected. These systems are efficient tools for training and in operational theaters, where they contribute to mission success and survivability.

Search and rescue

When troops receive a call from fellow soldiers in an emergency, their location is usually the most important information needed to initiate a rescue mission. Rohde & Schwarz spectrum monitoring systems can quickly geolocate the origins of emergency calls. Rather than losing valuable time to imprecise or missing position reports, rescuers can immediately initiate the mission, reducing the risks for themselves and for the soldiers in distress. The systems are stationary, mobile, transportable and portable and can significantly increase the survivability of soldiers in distress.


Rohde & Schwarz military spectrum monitoring systems are stationary, transportable, mobile and portable. Each platform has its advantages and is typically used for specific missions. Rohde & Schwarz provides integration services locally or in one of our factories.

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Monitoring antennas

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring antennas combine very high sensitivity with high gain up to 44 GHz, to capture even the weakest signals in a wide dynamic range.

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Receivers and direction finders

Monitoring receivers, direction finders and innovative DF antennas - from handheld solutions to large radiolocation systems, all applications and platforms are covered.

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Radiomonitoring software

Rohde & Schwarz offers specialized radiomonitoring and radiolocation software suites that range from single-operator to nationwide distributed systems.

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