Navigational support for vessel traffic service

Navigational support for vessel traffic service

Digital direction finding for VTS and SAR

The flow of goods shipped between countries is increasing, and vessel traffic at ports is rising along with it. In dense traffic scenarios, it is critical for vessel traffic service (VTS) operators to know in real-time which ship they are talking to. Radio direction finders (RDF) help to identify ship transmissions in real time, even when automatic identification systems (AIS) are unavailable or switched off.

Merchant shipping and private boat ownership are both on the rise, and this increase in vessels has meant more vessels in distress. Automatic radiolocation systems based on radio direction finders can locate vessels in distress to within a few hundred meters with just a brief transmission from shipboard radiocommunications equipment. Typically, this information speeds up search-and-rescue (SAR) missions significantly.

Coast guards also face a growing number of hoax calls, which waste money and resources. Location information from automatic radiolocation systems can help to distinguish between real and fake distress calls.

The R&S DDF200M Digital Direction Finder provides accurate and reliable information for both vessel traffic service and search-and-rescue.

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