Various handheld spectrum monitoring solutions

Handheld spectrum monitoring

The R&S®HE800-DC30 expands to 33 GHz

Rohde & Schwarz has various handheld spectrum monitoring solutions in the 8 kHz to 33 GHz range. The solutions consist of the R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver and handheld directional antennas. The solutions can dependably detect and locate transmitters and interference sources in a very wide frequency range.

The R&S®HE400 handheld directional antenna family is available for frequencies from 8 kHz to 20 GHz and the new R&S®HE800-DC30 handheld directional antenna with downconverter for frequencies from 18 GHz to 33 GHz.

The new antenna covers the following applications:

  • Interference hunting
  • Direction finding
  • Signal detection and analysis
  • Frequency clearance monitoring
  • Spectrum occupancy analysis

The R&S®HE800-DC30 covers the following services:

  • Mobile communications (5G FR1 and FR2 up to 33 GHz)
  • Satellite communications (fixed and mobile satellites, up- and downlinks)
  • Microwave links

Features and benefits of the R&S®HE800-DC30

Very wide frequency range in a compact size

  • Coverage from 18 GHz to 33 GHz
  • The very wide frequency range is suitable for different customer applications such as interference hunting, spectrum monitoring and direction finding.

Distinct directional radiation pattern

  • For clear measurement results
  • The antenna has distinct directional patterns, allowing a clear direction to be determined by pointing the antenna towards a signal source. In reflective surroundings, multiple measurements from different locations may be needed.

Wide dynamic range

  • With switchable active and passive modes (LNA on/off)
  • A switchable built-in low-noise amplifier (LNA) provides top sensitivity in active mode and wide dynamic range in passive mode for use in different applications.

Integrated downconverter

  • For increasing the operating frequency range for the R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver
  • The integrated downconverter extends the R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver operating frequency range from 18 GHz to 33 GHz when used with the R&S®HE800-DC30 handheld directional antenna. The downconverter is completely controlled by the R&S®PR200.

External receiver trigger

  • For starting a measurement
  • A trigger button on the antenna starts a measurement. The connected R&S®PR200 portable monitoring receiver carries out the measurement and stores the results. Users can instantly start measuring a signal without activating the receiver.

GNSS receiver and electronic compass included

  • For valuable additional information
  • Knowing the strength, on-air time, direction of origin and receiving location for signals of interest are all important. Antennas use GNSS data to determine an operator’s location and electronic compass data to determine the direction of the antenna. This information is forwarded to the receiver and can be stored together with the measured signal data.

Low weight and easy handling

  • For comfortable operation
  • Antenna design and material keep weight to a minimum and allow for comfortable use.

Tripod thread and adapter thread

  • For attaching a smartphone/tablet cradle
  • An adapter thread can be used to attach a smartphone holder, tablet holder or mechanical compass.

10 MHz reference input

  • Improved frequency accuracy
  • In most applications, the frequency accuracy for the R&S®HE800-DC30 internal crystal oscillator is enough. When more accuracy is required the 10 MHz reference signal for the R&S®PR200 can be used.

Monitoring antennas

Rohde & Schwarz monitoring antennas combine very high sensitivity with high gain up to 44 GHz, to capture even the weakest signals in a wide dynamic range.

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