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When Rohde & Schwarz meets industry, a success story!

July 11, 2024 | by Li Shih Ooi

Private networks require a better performance than public mobile networks using dedicated resource (often dedicated 5G or LTE network components in a dedicated spectrum). The network monitoring solution from Rohde & Schwarz verifies this higher performance.

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XR service latency measurements

May 27, 2023 | by Silvio Borer

Read about efficient XR services on mobile devices and XR latency measurements as KPI to evaluate the XR network quality.

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Field measurements in mobile networks for regulators

April 15, 2024 | by Anna Llagostera

Field measurements are very valuable to regulators or national regulatory authorities (NRAs), since they provide data required to comply with regulations, investigate customer complaints, enhance service quality for consumers, promote healthy competition among operators and facilitate network expansion for the telecommunications sector.

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MNT Tech Insights (part 3): Fun with RF Scanners

January 31, 2024 | by Sindhu Yogish

Read the third part "Fun with scanners" of our blog series "MNT Tech Insights" about RF scanners in mobile network testing (based on the MNT Forum 2023).

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Testing the speech quality dimensions – the new POLQA extension ITU-T P.863.2

October 26, 2023 | by Anna Llagostera

Telephony remains a core function of telecommunications networks and speech quality is a key indicator of telephony service performance. The current ITU-T standard for speech quality assessment P.863 'POLQA' has recently been enhanced to predict multiple perceptual quality dimensions.

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MNT Tech Insights (part 2): Orange innovations - 5G advanced experience and benchmarking score methodology adaptation

October 4, 2023 | by Sindhu Yogish

Read the second part "Orange innovations" of our blog series "MNT Tech Insights" about 5G private networks for mobile operators and industry customers.

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Interactivity test: Testing service availability (part 9)

September 1, 2023 | by Meik Kottkamp

5G NR is a cellular technology that supports ultra reliable low latency (URLLC) services. Latency and high throughput have become important KPIs and the interactivity test from Rohde & Schwarz can take measurements in the field by combining access to transport capacity (bit rate), transport latency and transport continuity, all in a single test case.

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MNT Tech Insights (part 1): Telecom 4.0

August 1, 2023 | by Sindhu Yogish

Read the first part "Telecom 4.0" of our new blog series "MNT Tech Insights" about the changing demands of private networks (based on the MNT Forum 2023).
Explore the new trend in mobile network solutions where demand is moving from design-to-scale and towards design-to-requirement.

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Improving 5G and LTE layer 3 message flow readability

June 07, 2023 | by Magnus Hylén

Read more about radio resource control layer 3 signaling in 5G NR and LTE networks (connection control, measurement configuration and mobility procedures).

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Interactivity Test: ITU-T Recommendation G.1051 (part 8)

May 11, 2023 | by Jens Berger

Data transport latency has become an important factor in interactive and real-time usage of next generation mobile networks. Measuring latency under realistic traffic conditions and quantifying perceived interactivity are important building blocks in network performance evaluations. The new Recommendation ITU-T G.1051 uses Rohde & Schwarz latency measurements and interactivity tests as international standards.

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Validating license obligations – converting network scanner measurements into data rates

April 11, 2023 | by Michael Lorenz

“In mobile communications, trust is good but measurements are better,” says Hubert Aiwanger, Bavarian minister for economic affairs, state development and energy. The German state of Bavaria ordered a fourth review of mobile network operator license obligations. The review focuses on how well operators met the minimum data rate of 100 Mbps on federal roads and selected railway lines.

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EVS AMR-WB IO speech quality improvements in telephone services

March 24, 2023 | by Anna Llagostera

This post looks at recent results from an internal study of speech quality improvements when the EVS AMR-WB IO mode is used in conjunction with the legacy AMR-WB encoder.

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New e-book provides unparalleled insight into the 5G NR world

What's the status of 5G NR? What are the test and measurement requirements, and how do we approach them? Download our new e-book now and get unparalleled insight into the world of 5G NR.

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The world's first 5G NR network measurement solution

Rohde & Schwarz is pioneering 5G New Radio (5G NR) network measurements with the world's first commercially available 5G NR network measurement solution. This solution enables users in the 5G network ecosystem as well as regulators to measure the 5G NR network coverage accurately - one of the biggest challenges in the network planning.

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Pioneers in NB-IoT field measurements

We are paving the way to NB-IoT by provding the world's first accurate LTE/NB-IoT coverage measurement solution: via a software upgrade, the R&S ROMES drive test software now also supports NB-IoT coverage measurements with R&S TSMx scanners.

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