Power amplifier efficiency optimization

Power amplifier efficiency optimization

While the target application dictates the RF requirements, efficiency and cost are the main differentiating factors for RF power amplifier solutions. Various techniques can be used to improve efficiency, e.g. technologies such as GaN with increased energy density. Envelope tracking and digital predistortion (DPD) extend the linear range of amplifiers. Classic multipath structures such as Doherty and outphasing amplifiers are experiencing a comeback in current designs.

Outphasing, Envelope & Doherty Transmitter Test & Measurement

Outphasing, Envelope & Doherty Transmitter Test & Measurement

This application note provides an overview of RF frontend architectures whose signal output is constructed from two or more efficiently generated components. The capabilities of multichannel signal synthesis setups with the R&S®SMW200A in combination with the R&S®FSW analyzer allows you to measure and develop these types of devices.

The maximally efficient amplifier

Webinar: RF amplifier efficiency

In this webinar, we discuss how fundamental techniques such as load modulation, supply modulation, and waveform engineering can be optimaly mixed to define the maximally efficient amplifier. Learn how you can get close to the theoretical efficiency limit while leveraging the techniques, with a suitable scheme.

The maximally efficient amplifier

The maximally efficient amplifier

For any radio, the energy efficiency of the RF front end is a vital characteristic. This paper, originally printed in the Microwave Journal, investigates significant aspects of mechanisms to improve amplifier energy efficiency, illustrating the effectiveness of each method, and the possibilities for further improvements. Harmonic load-pull measurements are used to compare and quantify the effectiveness of the improvement mechanisms on amplifier energy efficiency.

Dual input Doherty amplifier

Measurement aided Doherty amplifier

Doherty amplifier architecture enables RF PA designers to maximize efficiency, power, bandwidth and yield without compromising linearizability. Whether it is for 5G, SatCom or any other application demanding high performance and reproducibility, the challenges remain the same: how can you be sure that you are getting the maximum possible performance from the design and how can you evaluate its sensitivities and variations for series production?

RF signal and the corresponding envelope signal.

Simplify your envelope tracking system

The R&S®SMW200A vector signal generator combined with the R&S®FSW signal and spectrum analyzer offers fast and simple power amplifier testing including envelope tracking and digital predistortion, effectively replacing complex test setups.

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