1MA98: dB or not dB?

True or false: 30 dBm + 30 dBm = 60 dBm? Why does 1% work out to be -40 dB one time but then 0.1 dB or 0.05 dB the next time? These questions sometimes leave even experienced engineers scratching their heads. Decibels are found everywhere, including power levels, voltages, reflection coefficients, noise figures, field strengths and more. What is a decibel and how should we use it in our calculations? This Application Note is intended as a refresher on the subject of decibels.

Name Type Language Version Date Size
1MA98_12e_dB_or_not_dB.pdf Application Note English 12e 17.09.2015 1 MB
1MA98_10d_dB_or_not_dB.pdf Application Note German 10d 01.08.2014 1 MB
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